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Zen Your Living Room: How do you create a sense of calm in your home?

The late entrepreneur Steve Jobs was a fan of Zen-inspired design known for its minimal and clean aesthetics. Given the fast pace of modern life, it is not surprising that people revive that look and that sense of calm that zen-inspired design can bring to their homes.

Zen your living room

There are a handful of ways you can use this practice in your home, but it may be best to start with a room. Use the following tips to design your own Zen-inspired oasis in a room like your living room:

Tip # 1: Declutter.

How to create a sense of calm in your home
Be like the Japanese organization consultant Marie Kondo and her millions of readers around the world! Clean your living room of things you no longer need, like or enjoy.
With every completed declination you will immediately bring space into your room – and the best part of it? This is free for you.

Do you still have a mess that you simply can not let go (eg children’s toys)? Become creative with hidden storage solutions such as a closet or wall screen so you can stow anything that is not immediately necessary and does not need to be seen.
Soon you will realize that you have never really needed these things!

Tip # 2: Keep things simple.

White brick wall
When you think about what you want to keep or keep in your living room, you choose simple lines. Imagine Mid-century modern Lounge chair next to an antique Queen Anne chair with a complicated wooden back. Although both designs are attractive, the minimalist design of the modern chair is more streamlined to the eye and feels more peaceful.
It is also important to stick to a common theme. Just like the above example, this modern chair would not go with an antique coat or an old oriental rug.

While some changes need some actual renovations, look what you can outsource for cheap. If you are ready to grease some elbow, you could strip these nasty old wallpapers yourself and paint the wall with a nice neutral color.

Tip # 3: Hug Neutral.

Small houseplants
When Choose colors for your home Embrace neutral colors such as white, cream, gray, etc. that lack the same visual stimulation of primary colors as red, yellow, and blue. By not competing for your attention, these colors create the stage for rest and relaxation.
If you are already using neutral inks, invest in a painting job to refresh any dirt that may have accumulated over time. While it is not inherently obvious that your walls will need a fresh coat of paint, the results will speak for themselves and you may notice if your friends could clean up the living room.

Tip # 4: Bring nature into your home.

Wall decoration
Complete your space by adding nature-inspired accents like plants, river rocks, sisal carpets, and woven baskets to your living room – to name but a few.

The shell you took with you on a family vacation will not only remind you of the beach, but also of the time you spent with the people you love most.

In addition, studies have shown that plants make you happy! You can dramatically improve a room’s air quality by selecting a few select plants. If you care about maintenance, go for some simple options like a snake plant or a few succulents.

But keep the first tip in mind and do not go overboard – you do not want to “poke around” what you’ve just unraveled!

Rooted in Asian traditions such as meditation and conscious life practices, Zen-inspired design begins by reducing things to the essentials.
After unraveling your living room, decorate your space with furniture and accents that have simple lines in neutral colors. This minimal background then sets the stage for objects that remind us of nature and help us to be grounded. With these few enhancements, you not only create a space to look forward to after a long day, but you can also transfer that soothing Zen feeling to others who are fortunate enough to visit your home.

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