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Zen gardens, elements to decorate them

Zen gardens elements

In our thoughts, we relate all Japanese culture and traditions with peace and quiet Meditation. In this article, we pay special attention to a particular element of this culture and dedicate ourselves to the theme of elements and details Zen gardens and about the meaning they have.

Zen gardens and their elements

Zen gardens stones

When we begin to decipher the word “Zen,” we can say that it is a Japanese word meaning “meditation.” This means that Zen gardens are places that should provide tranquility. Moreover, these gardens are characterized by several elements that will give concrete meaning to the idea of ​​the rest to life itself, the experience and all that we learn from it.

The Japanese gardens are a place of rest and meditation

Zen original gardens

You have noticed that one of the things that is never lacking in Zen Garden is the stones. These stones are better than volcanic ones, but if you can not find them or for some reason you do not have, you can replace them with some decorative stones. The meaning of the stones is related to the obstacles that we find on our life path, also with the experience, ie they are the elements that help us to learn.

The stone is one of the elements in the Zen Gardens

Zen gardens design

Another element that should not be missed, even if it is a small Zen garden, is sand. However, this element can be substituted because it is water. The authentic Zen gardens have no water, but in our opinion, the noise that the water makes when falling and the way to the slide has a very calming effect on the sight and the ear.

The meaning of water, which has integrated the idea of ​​the cosmos

Zen garden water light

Water and sand, which can replace themselves, connect and simulate purity and help us to eliminate negative energies, thoughts and attitudes and thus to give way to rest. If you have Zen fountains for the garden, you can equip them with lights that illuminate the water at night.

The path in the Zen Gardens

Zen fountain for the garden

Another element that has great significance and great power in the Zen Gardens are the paths. These must be made of stone or wood. The task of this symbol is to guide man to the other elements, which at the same time leads to peace and tranquility. The meaning of this element is that we need to be consistent in life by recognizing the steps that make us succeed in life. Do not forget that the elements in the Zen Gardens must be arranged harmoniously.

Zen gardens for decoration and meditation

Zen Garden Decoration

You can use these elements for decoration Zen garden and lay it as you like, according to the size of your garden, as there is no concrete way to order it. But order must always be harmonious and lead to peace and serenity.

The water is the cosmos and the stones are the islands

small zen gardens

Another element that you must not forget in the Zen Gardens are the plants, as they are related to life. The good thing about this element is that you do not need specific plants, but can adapt to your geographic climate and the garden.

A stone path in the Zen Gardens is one of the main elements

Japanese Zen Garden

Plants and vegetation harmonize the Zen garden

small gardens Zen house

A small garden to become a zen garden

Zen fountain for small garden

The symbol of Japanese religion in Zen gardens

small zen garden decoration


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