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Wooden vessels for the garden

wooden planters

One of the decorations that is much used in the Gardens are the plants: a garden without plants is the strangest thing you can see.

We have written many articles about the decoration of the gardens and today we talk about the plan of the plants in wooden planters and we will give you some ideas on how to organize them in your garden.

Wood planter near the fence and combined with the wood of the fence

Garden flowerpots

One of the things that many people do is to plant their plants near the fence or wall of your garden. This is not a bad idea and it is also very good, but it might be better to put a pot of elongated wood in the vicinity of this fence that follows the length of the fence.

The wooden planters and the wooden fence of the same material

Original wood planter

If your fence is made of wood, it is even better if the wood you use for the planter is the same one you used for the fence. Once that’s done, you can not only plant flowers, but also bushes or small trees.

Use the plants and flowerpots on our terraces

Wood planter plants

If you have a large terrace where you have a table with a sofa or other furniture, this Planter of wood for the exterior will be very good. The green of the plants gives the place more freshness and color and you can also get a wilder picture.

Climbers and plants that fall to the ground

big wooden tubs

The wild or even exotic image can be achieved with this type of plants that fall to the ground as hair. The same applies to climbing plants and you can use the color of the flowers to decorate your garden even more.

A planter made of round wood and staggered in levels

round wood planter

Wooden pots or wooden pots can also have a round shape. In addition, you can stagger them in several levels and plant a different plant type in each step. It is a very original idea to decorate the garden.

Wooden planter broken by a wooden bench

Wooden tub for outdoor use

Their wooden planters can be interrupted at a certain point by the appearance of a wooden bench which joins the planter and consists of the same wood as it does. Another idea to decorate the flower pot may be the decorative stones that are very used for these things.

Two beams rising from the flower pot and ending on a small roof over the plants

wooden pots

On the other hand, the flowerpot on your patio can be the same wood you used for the floor, and you can place two bars on either side of the flowerpot to build a small roof over the plants.

Ceramic planter and wooden floor, decorated with stones on the floor

wooden flowerpot

If you like, you can also make your cement pots and use the wood to place it on the floor and on the benches like a platform. They can cover the entire earth’s surface with stones, even the ground.

Elongated wood pots of three water streams leaving a pond fall in

wooden flowerpot garden

Round wooden planters, made only with wooden boards tucked into the ground
wooden flowerpot garden

Zigzag wood flower pot, made of the same wood that was used for the soil
wooden garden pot


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