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Wooden garden fences – reuse old europallets

Garden fences wooden ideas green

In recent years, we see more and more people reusing old Europallets and using them creatively. But really surprising are the Garden fences of wood, which are mostly found in the countryside. It takes a week to make a fence yourself, but the end result is amazing.

Garden fences of wood

Garden fences wooden ideas trees garden design

Inexpensive is the creation of such a fence, if you find out old, reusable wooden pallets. Otherwise, it costs a lot more if you buy these wood panels new and colorful paint. On the other hand, you should spend more money if you need professional help. Fortunately, there are many tutorial videos on the net for how to mount the garden fence yourself. Therefore you do not lose hope.

Designer Ideas for garden fences from wooden pallets

Wooden garden fences ideas wood varnish

The most interesting and attractive ideas for wooden garden fences we have put together here. Some of them show really professionally installed constructions. In some pictures it is hard to see that the fences are made of pallets. The wood varnish helps to refresh the texture and give the fence an aesthetic look.

Personal relaxation corner in the backyard

Wooden ideas armchairs rattan garden fences

These garden fences serve as privacy screens and you can calmly create your own retreat and relaxation corner behind it. Comfortable garden furniture, decorative garden lanterns under the gazebo create a really cozy atmosphere outdoors. Several frames for the flowers can also be made from pallets. You could only polish them for extra shine and thereby emphasize the natural wooden charm.

Traditional garden design and outdoor seating area

Garden fences wooden ideas recreation corner

Extensive garden area surrounded by wooden pallets

Wooden garden fences sand ideas

Garden fence combines built – concrete and wooden pallets

Wooden pallet ideas make garden fences

Shelves for the flowerpots Garden fences shelves flowerpots wood ideas dark

Traditional wooden seating area in the backyard

Wooden ideas dining table umbrella garden fences

Garden fences in the countryside

Garden fences grass meadows wood ideas footpath

Cleverly constructed garden fence Garden fences footpath concrete boards wood ideas original

Beige facade

Garden fences of wooden ideas plates

Family garden themed Garden fences made of wood idea protection

Recreational corner for the summer

Garden fences recreation corner Wood ideas summer

Wood is the main material here

Wooden garden fences are stable


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