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Wooden furniture for a very natural design

Wooden furniture coffee table coffee table modern ideas

Today we have some very interesting ideas to decorate the house with natural wood furniture. In these photos you can find some very nice options Furniture of trunks of Wood what can you do yourself?

Wooden furniture for the bedroom

Wooden furniture big bed bedroom ideas

We also explain how to make your own coffee table or side table out of a log. If you are one of those people obsessed with natural wood structures and looking forward to having a side table very similar to the one shown on these photos, read on.

Wooden furniture ideas for the modern living room

Wooden furniture coffee table living room ideas painted

Have you ever seen natural tree trunks in your home stores or in a magazine photo? Well, we assure you that you can do one yourself.

Ideas for your place of reading

Wooden furniture side table trunk ideas

There are many people who prefer to do things for themselves instead of buying them, because they are able to do exactly what they want and save costs. These types of wooden base tables are easy to make and you can make one in a weekend.

Wood and steel coffee table for the living room

Wooden furniture coffee table painted modern ideas

The most important and difficult part of this project is finding the tribe. And even more, if you live in the city. But we are sure that you will have a friend or family member who lives in the village or has a house and will be glad to invite you to spend a day there.

Interesting options for salons with vintage design

Wooden furniture coffee table vintage ideas

Remember that the type of wood is not necessarily important, but make sure you like the shape of the piece.

Wooden bed and trunk being used as a help mesa

Wooden furniture wooden bed table design ideas

Keep in mind that when you see the trunk of a tree in its original form, it is hard to imagine what it would look like after it has made a finished piece of furniture. It’s a tedious process, but it’s not difficult.

Ideas coffee tables for the living room made of natural wood

wooden furniture table decorate interior ideas

The materials you need for this project are, of course, a log, wooden chisel in various widths, hammer, sandpaper (if you can find an electric grinder to ease the work), brushes of various sizes, zipper varnish varnish, mask for protection Your face, a handsaw.

A very large bathtub made of logs with a unique shape

Wooden furniture big trunk ideas

Your log needs time to dry. It is recommended to use at least 1 month indoors for drying if you can leave the trunk longer. This ensures that the bark is easy to remove and facilitates the process.

Logs that can be used as tables

Wooden furniture table design original ideas

As it dries, the bark can split itself or the trunk itself can crack, which is good as it adds character and a unique touch.

Dining room with wooden table and very large logs converted into banks

Wooden furniture benches wood dining ideas

First you have to level uneven surfaces in the upper hull, either sandpaper or a saw (depending on how uneven above). If you are satisfied with the appearance of the upper part, it means that you are ready.

An idea of ​​grinding developed and transformed into a table

Wooden furniture table cone shape valuable ideas

After that you have to remove the bark that is necessary. If this is not the case, the stem will not seal properly and eventually the bark will fall anyway. To remove the bark, you can use the chisels.

A very natural choice of wooden table

Wooden furniture table place read window ideas

Even if your suitcase looks like a disaster without the cuts, do not worry that everything will change if you grind your trunk to remove the remains of the bark and clean the trunk.

Trunk that thanks to its size can be used as a decorative table

Wooden furniture light wood table ideas

Next you should use a sandpaper to remove the sharp edges on the top and bottom of the trunk. The goal is a perfectly smooth surface that you will feel as you guide your hands over it.

A piece of wood that has been turned into a very nice little table

Wooden furniture bedside table Scandinavian design ideas

After you can sand down your trunk, you’ll see that it’s a lighter color. If you can also grind between the cracks. What we have left is to remove all the dust very well. It is important that you remove all dust from your work area at this point.

Wood trunks with a peculiar shape, painted white

Wooden furniture small table painted white swimsuit ideas

You can use a rag to remove dust better. If you like, you can leave your trunk to enjoy its natural color and texture, but you can also give it a coat of Varahane to seal its trunk.

Small wooden candle holder that you can make yourself

Furniture wood small candle holder little ideas

Be sure to follow the instructions on the box. Start with the first layer above and then on the sides. First, use a big brush to get everything covered, then a small brush for details.

A luxurious selection of elaborate wooden tables for modern living rooms

Furniture wood side tables living room design ideas painted

Then use the brush to remove excess sealant from the corners and cracks so that no drops remain. Allow the sealant to dry completely, and if you want to add another layer, follow the instructions on the can.

Three trunks of varying height to stand out in the living room

Furniture wood coffee table sofa style design ideas

After the seal is dry, we sand again from top to bottom to make sure our trunk feels very soft. We already have a dining table ready. Now we let you inspire with these photos of very original wooden furniture and hope that this tutorial will help you.

Wooden furniture ideas for modern living room

Furniture wooden bedside table beautiful living room ideas

Wooden trunk table that lasts a long time

Furniture wood solid table trunk ideas

A small table or stool depends on what you want to use this very original piece of wood

Furniture wood table chair options ideas

Ideas of logs being transformed into stool tables and lamps

Furniture wood table stool lamp ideas

Slices of very large wood in the living room

Furniture wood table trunks wall ideas

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