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Wood stairs ideas of a design with slide

Wooden stairs ideas games

The effect of indoor stairs is always noticeable. They underline the design of the interior and are at the same time a functional detail.

Today we have a remarkable example of wooden staircase ideas and design concepts. It is a house designed by Fabrica de Arhitectura in Romania. A project of At home Family in Bucharest, which was undoubtedly very funny.

Wooden staircase ideas for modern houses

Wooden stairs outside of ideas

The difference in terms of wooden stairs ideas and traditional structures is the slide. Here for children or adults, the built-in slide is the other touch. With the option to slide normally downwards or downwards. The interesting thing about the entire design of the house also affects the outdoor areas.

Wooden staircase ideas concepts

Fabrica de Arhitectura took into account the characteristics of the existing vegetation. The house merge in a refined and practical way with the environment. There were trees in the garden before the start. The decision was to find one without touching it and keeping the garden intact. Every important room is also focused on this area.

wooden stairs Ideas channels

Improved views through the use of glazed areas. In addition to the effects of wooden stairs, ideas like the library, which extends to all levels, are not overlooked. It is also an essential part. In terms of the use of colors, textures and contrasts, the house has a great variety both inside and out.

Wooden stairs ideas vases

The exterior is dominated by neutral colors, bricks in a light tone or white. Options that really encourage peace and relaxation. On the other hand, indoors, there is color and energy to which this fabulous toboggan adds. Much of this color is achieved through the contrast of books with booksellers and empty walls.

Wooden stairs design ideas with slide

Details Stairway wood conceptually

According to the criteria of Fabrica de Arhitectura, this is one of the projects that most represents the relationship with customers. This direct and close cooperation has led to this wonderful result. A house that can transmit warmth and positive energy both outside and inside.


In general, the unexpected solutions are something that differentiates the work of the team. This leads to the creation of extraordinary projects. Casa L is a good example of how the attention to detail is combined with the specific conditions of the place. Everything depending on the needs of the customers.

Kitchen creative and modern-clear

The way of giving personality to the garden also distinguishes the work of Fabrica de Arhitectura. Emphasizing above all the flexibility in the treatment of the exterior. Depending on the project, they focus on the borders of the country and the environment. These factors dictate the solutions for each case.

Walls Bookshelf color and white

Each created composition is characterized by polygonal and organic forms. At the same time they are supplemented by the vegetation of every season. Use it in the same way as a resource that improves the privacy of the gardens in general.

Room Serenity stairs top

The effect on the interiors is equally remarkable, she thinks of both elegance and functionality. Do everything solution Respond to the needs of each customer. The focus of the interior treatment is on the details. An ever meticulous vision that makes it possible to create interiors that reflect the personality of the occupants of the house.

Wall-stone exteriors

Partial rear walls Stone


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