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What you should keep in mind when designing beds

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Design beds and the right dimensions

In our observation, many design bed projects fail due to wrong planning. The leading role among the problems of this kind takes the measuring. It is of fundamental importance for the right planning of the bedroom. No matter how much you invest in great and purpose-built furniture, a room with the wrong dimensions will not feel comfortable.

The validity of this rule is even more fundamental in design beds than in any other item.

Are you interested in design beds? Would you like to learn how to calculate the correct dimensions yourself? We combine the two themes by giving you the hands-on lesson against the background of inspirational design bed examples.

Sophisticated design and fresh accents in red

design beds modern leather headboard red

The standards

In terms of the large variety of room floor plans, there are also many different sizes of design beds. It is always easier to find something ready, which has been ideally adapted to your own needs.

Individual beds usually show a width between 80 and 90 cm. Sometimes they can reach up to a meter. The lengths are 180-190cm to 2 meters. So you have different models that would be suitable for the different family members.

Wavy with leather upholstery in white

design beds white frame upholstered headboard leather

family beds

The double beds range from 1.20 to 1.35 to 1.50 m in width. Some models are also 1.60 m wide. The length is like the individual models.

There is also the so-called Queen Size. With these we have 1.60 m width and 2 meters length.

Some design beds go even further in this regard. The width can reach 1.80 cm and 2 meters.

Spacious and comfortable in king size

design beds king size white leather upholstery

Find the right size

The bed should not generally occupy the entire tread. It is best not to cover a third of the room. At the same time you have to sleep comfortably in it. Look for a suitable compromise from the whole.

For a larger bed to fit into a smaller room better, you could access to bright nuances of the decor.

Unconventional and smart

design beds fancy shape wide

Narrow double bed made of noble mahogany

design beds mahogany bedstead

Minimalism at the highest level

design beds double bed minimalist red pillows

Walnut wood gives your bedroom more comfort

design beds double bed sleeping comfort noble wood

Save more storage space with a well thought-out bed design

design beds double wide bed shelf bed bench storage space

Even single beds can offer many storage options

design beds single bed drawers storage bin

If you stand on curved lines and round shapes

design beds ergonomic oval shapes

Balanced and well structured

design beds enough tread straight lines dark wood

Neo-Baroque design for the romantics among you

design beds narrow double bed baroque style

Organic round shape and soft shine in silver

design beds unconventionally round white


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