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The closets for many are a thing of the past. The truth is that over time these pieces of furniture have been reinvented and adapted to every lifestyle.

As well as the needs and style of modern life. Just look at today’s pictures to see the different characteristics you have. Options of great sophistication and an excellent level of functionality. When we think of built-in wardrobes, we have to remember that their use does more Room.

special light built-in wardrobes

As with all furniture that reaches to the ceiling, the storage options are countless. These qualities are perfect, considering that it is not necessary to change the decoration of the room much. The effect of the built-in closets in relation to the room has a lot to do with the doors. Sliding doors is obviously the best idea we can recommend. Unlike others, we do not run the risk of suffocating with another piece of furniture.

Built-in wardrobes modern Tiadores

As well as stolen space when the cabinet is in use. In practice there are many possibilities. Those with mirrors included in the designs look perfect. The influence on the lighting is absolute. At the same time, the dimensions of the bedrooms are visually expanding. Adding wardrobes to any room completely changes the appearance of the entire site. The decoration looks different.

Functional and elegant wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes contemporary living room

The reason is that an important part of the decoration is made from each of the storerooms. This may be one of the main parts in the list of benefits. The whole room of Storage What is achieved with this piece of furniture is the first in the list. It’s as if we see in each photo an elegant detail that has all the functionality. With a good order, everything can enter a closet of this kind.

Fitted wardrobes Side fireplaces

The amount of clothing can be higher. We always have better ways to save that, which is not seasonal. Many designs are equally perfect for many accessories and share spaces for shoemakers. In a tailor made model, it is possible to integrate a chest of drawers or a small workspace. Otherwise, a place to place a TV would be perfect for the bedroom to comfort you.

special modern children's room

To create the built-in wardrobes, the size of the rooms is not a limitation. The versatility of this type of cabinet adapts to any condition. Depending on your needs, we have the option of adding more or less shelves. As a solution for a house with a complex architecture, they always look in perfect harmony.

Finished walls Simple modern styles

Each line, height and dimensions can be planned for these specific conditions. The variety of shapes and dimensions can simply be endless. The most important thing is that it has a direct relationship to our needs. Fluently adapt to the space and style of our room. If you see a bedroom that is constantly disorganized, this may be the solution.

Recessed Headboards Beds

Every area of ​​your room gets rid of a lot of fluid and all the furniture is better organized. The built-in wardrobes are the best tool to give you the much needed change anywhere. From our home to the workrooms. Another interesting point is the variety of surfaces. Especially at the doors is an impossible effect to ignore.

Fitted wardrobes with LED lights

illuminated bases modern styles

The selection of this type of furniture implies a longer usage over time. It will not be so easy to change a wardrobe of this kind as opposed to a traditional one. Especially if it required work and some conversions to adapt to our room. A conversion or change in this direction will have higher costs compared to normal cabinets.

glide special magnificent doors

Other modern alternatives are the recessed luminaires with LED lights. They are very elegant, if some sliding doors are also included in the sliding doors. The big difference in these cases is obviously the cost. These are installations and works that can be more or less complex. Therefore, we must choose wisely, which fits our needs and our budget.

Bedroom youth design fun

When looking at our wardrobe and the modern processing simply the time and the invested money paid off. In order to better orient ourselves, we need to identify the most common types. The first is the complete case. The composition consists of a back wall, on the sides and in the upper area. The impression when opening is that of a completely closed cabinet.

Classic natural brown wood frame

They are one of the simplest variants to install or dismantle. As a rule, they are not suitable for inclinations in the ceilings. The working models are missing on the sides and on the floor. The distance to the back wall often varies. The entire construction extends from floor to ceiling. The strength of these built-in wardrobes is the easy access to their interior.

cozy place for bedroom

Each design provides access to memory with high fluidity. In terms of installation, it can be more complicated than the previous ones. Neither the backup panels are used. Other recessed designs are designed from a frame without the back walls. The entire interior is made in the form of furniture with forks.

modern metal flat handles cabinets

These are behind sliding doors. In practice, they always prove to be more suitable in limited space. Its cost is lower to have a simpler design. Regardless of style, it is necessary that they are made with quality materials. You must always think of a luxury wardrobe that is also durable.

modern tall glass doors

Therefore, the quality of the materials is of utmost importance. The options are several and with very interesting designs. The glass, the natural or plywood and the boards. For all, wood stands for the ease with which it can be worked. When combined with sliding doors in which glass is used is very elegant and refined. An ideal style for a contemporary space.

Interior special creative wardrobe

Oak wood bedroom chairs

beautiful surfaces noble woods

Accent walls modern rooms

Precious wood frame version


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