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Wardrobe cabinet – over 55 design ideas and storage forms


As the season changes, most of us turn to our lockers and make some profound changes.

Out-of-season clothes go down to the lower shelves and with these changes that come to mind automatically, we dream of a large walk-in closet with shoe shelves that not only serve to stow them, but also a nice screen to accomplish.

Ideas for the wardrobe

Today we would like to share a collection of pictures of modern wardrobes and practical tips for storing clothes, shoes and bags.

Ideas for a walk-in closet

Good order is the basis for a good life, have you heard it already? Everyone knows how difficult it can be to find enough storage space for clothes, shoes, bags and various items of clothing. We show you more than 55 wardrobe design ideas; a private area where all your clothes and accessories are housed and your home is free of clutter.

Ideas for walk-in closets

A modern wardrobe no longer shows your financial or social situation. It’s a way to keep up with the needs of modern times and keep your stuff organized at all times. Although many people dream of having a large dressing room, actual size is not the most important factor for a wardrobe, it is the way it is organized. If you can reserve a room for a walk-in closet, it is better, but it is very possible that you have little space and you should organize a closet in a niche on the wall.

original ideas for wardrobe

The design of a wardrobe always raises many questions. It is difficult to make a quick decision, so you need to gather more information. We hope that the following design ideas for the walk-in closet will help you to plan and organize your own wardrobe. When planning the design of a cabinet, you must consider the size of the room and especially the lighting.

great ideas for wardrobe

The closets usually have direct access from the bedroom and are often a transitional space that connects the sleeping area and the bathroom. Cabinets and cabinets without modern handles create a smooth visual connection between these areas and your bedroom will look clean, spotless and spacious.

Modern ideas for walk-in closet

You have to decide what you want for your cabinets; If you prefer wood, veneer, chipboard, laminate, wallpaper, plastic and the various types of glass surfaces. It is advisable to consult with professionals who are able to give life to your ideas.

Luxurious ideas for walk-in closet

Think of the floor – do you want a soft carpet where you can walk barefoot or prefer wooden floors? Do you prefer an ottoman, a sofa or a chair? Do you have enough space for a dressing table?

Tips and ideas for the wardrobe

A very important element in the cabinet is the mirror. For the small lockers A mirrored cabinet door will serve the purpose, and if the space is large enough, the multiple mirrors can be arranged so you can see your equipment from different angles and decide whether to wear it or not.

Tips and ideas for the wardrobe

The selection of suitable furniture is the key to a functional, comfortable and modern cabinet design. This means that cabinets and dressers are not enough. You need to plan your storage system according to the clothes you use.

Tips and ideas for lockers and chests of drawers

It’s better to combine the types of storage and organization systems, such as racks and bars. Cabinets, shelves, drawers, baskets; All of these types of storage must be efficiently and functionally combined to keep your closet organized at all times.

Tips and ideas for cabinets

There are some general guidelines that will help you; The boxes, supports and shelves for the shoes should be placed on the floor. The top shelf is used to store seasonal items. In the middle part you can attach some hangers. The side shelves are ideal for storing items that are used frequently. It is necessary to keep a separate box, shelf or drawer for accessories, gloves and hats.

Tips and ideas for changing rooms

When planning the design of your walk-in closet, you need to know that every little room in the house can be successfully converted into a walk-in closet; the old Nursery, a small office or even a small bedroom.

Tips and ideas for the organization of changing rooms

It will be better if you harmonize the style of the furniture of the wardrobe with the style of the other rooms of the house, so that the overall style of the apartment has a sense of unity and continuity. If the apartment is decorated in a country style, you should use the same style for the wardrobe. If the apartment is very modern, the wardrobe should reflect this style.

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