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Walk-in closet – how to create the perfect order

begehbearer wardrobe ladies dressing table

Walk-in wardrobe

Above all, a walk-in wardrobe has the task of creating more order for your clothing and shoes. Based on a few examples we have collected for you today, you can learn the most important rules for designing such a wardrobe. Walk-in closets are actually an extra room where everything has its place.

Based on our examples you can very well notice that there is a clear separation between hanging and folded clothes. It is best to organize your hanging clothes in two rows. For example, tops like blouses and shirts come on top, and below you can place pants and skirts. T-shirts and sweaters can be folded on open shelves.

When it comes to shoes, things get a bit more complicated, especially for women. There are many ways to keep them. On special poles you can attach your pumps or sandals with high heels. Boots, flip flops and sports shoes usually come at the bottom or in drawers. Very often braided baskets and metal boxes are used to create even more order in the walk-in closet.

Accessories also have their special place. Very often jewelry stands are used, which are placed near or directly on the make-up table. So you always have a good overview of which necklace, which bracelet or which earrings to match your outfit.

Bags also deserve a special place. Usually they stand in the open shelves and are at hand. Just like the scarves or the umbrellas.

A good walk-in closet has perfect lighting, especially with built-in lights, and has either an armchair or an ottoman where you can choose your clothes and put on your shoes.

Walk-in closet ladies

begehbearer wardrobe ladies

Walk-in wardrobe men and women

begehbearer wardrobe ladies gentlemen

Many drawers and glass showcases

begehbearer wardrobe ladies wardrobes drawers

Shoes and boots

begehbearer wardrobe ladies shoes

A comfortable bench in the wardrobe

begehbearer wardrobe ladies bench cushion blind

Summery and perfectly arranged

begehbearer wardrobe ladies summer

Round ottoman and crystal chandelier

begehbearer wardrobe ladies mirror crystal chandelier

Minimalist with armchair and floor lamp

begehbearer wardrobe ladies white armchair

Men’s and women’s tops

begehbearer wardrobe dark walnut wood

Blue nuances and woven baskets

walk-in wardrobe

Separating cabinet between the men’s and women’s department

walk-in wardrobe mixed

There is even enough space for the suitcases

begehbearer wardrobe gentlemen

Masculine in black and white

begehbearer wardrobe gentleman ergonomic stool

With plenty of storage space and high pile carpet

walk-in wardrobe high pile carpet recessed lighting

Elegant tops and shoes

begehbearer wardrobe high pile carpet light gray

An extra room for the wardrobe

begehbearer wardrobe rectangular stool

Colorful with many drawers

begehbearer wardrobe round ottoman chandelier

Perfect order with hangers, boxes and open shelves

begehbearer wardrobe drawer mens

Dressing table and accessories

begehbearer wardrobe shoes dresses accessories

Shoe shelves and large mirror

walk-in wardrobe shoe lockers

Black furniture, round stools and crystal pendant lights

begehbearer wardrobe black furniture pendant lights

A feel-good wardrobe

begehbearer wardrobe armchair dressing table

Comfortable seat for putting on shoes

walk-in wardrobe bench

Feminine with pink and red

walk-in wardrobe carpet pink red bench


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