Visiting London: warm wood, colorful highlights and a bit of multi-cultural

Dining and living room with colorful accents

It is no coincidence that London is one of the most multicultural metropolises in the world. In the city of Big Ben, Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace, the most diverse lifestyles flow together into a colorful overall picture. This also applies to the apartments of the city. Many Londoners are inspired by the diversity of cultures and bring them into the design of their four walls.

Apartment London Set up ApartmentLondon_multikulit

A good example of this is the colorful apartment of a London creative in the district Islington that I was allowed to live in during my short trip in the Thames city. The interior radiates heat, which is above all the color choice. A strong, fiery red sets the tone and harmonizes perfectly with the likewise dominant wood. A bright yellow, inspiring pinks and a contrasting blue complement the color palette, while ethnic elements give character to the home.

Apartment in London The bedroom of the London apartment radiates peace and quiet. Neutral colors and selected materials create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere that makes it easy to fall asleep. Smaller decorative elements bridge the other rooms.

Multicultural Ethno Decoration

Even in the bedroom, individual ethnic elements are used as decoration, such as a gold-framed mirror and colorful feathers as wall decorations.

For a room to be warm and inviting, it does not have to be packed with furniture and decoration – that’s what my living experience in London has shown me. With a few elements and colorful accents you can create a lot of cosiness. Perfect for getting away after a day in the hustle and bustle of the big city!

Set up multicultural

Click here for even more impressions from “my” London apartment:

But it does not have to be London! Even with a few things like this, your feel-good atmosphere and multi-cultural flair get into your home:


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