Urban Jungle – the comeback of indoor plants

Setting up of easy-care indoor plants

Indoor plants are a real all-rounder when it comes to room design. They not only look pretty, but also replace the decoration. In addition, they bring liveliness to our four walls while ensuring a better indoor climate. In combination with cool saucers in different styles, you can also integrate your favorite interior design style.

Plant professional Igor gives tips

Since not all of us are blessed with a green thumb, we should – before we turn the apartment into a jungle – inquire which plants are particularly well suited for indoors and easy to maintain. We talked to our former Roombeez blogger Igor, who is next to his Happy interior blog together with Judith de Graaff the Urban Jungle Bloggers called into life. They are also the authors of the great book ” Living in green “, In which even the last plant muffle fancy a home full of indoor plants gets.

Josifovic De Graaff Living in Gruen

Dear Igor, which plants are particularly easy to maintain and survive long in my home (even without much light and green thumb)?

There are numerous easy-care plants that can cope well in partial shade or in shady corners. Very easy are the Efeutute , of the Sansevieria or the gum , But that too Cheese Plant gets along well with penumbra – and you do not need a green thumb for any of these plants. Casting now and then is no art, right?

Houseplants family Setting up with indoor plants

I have even received a cactus – do you have care tips or routines how to keep my plants fit?

In fact, most plants are transplanted by overflowing. Often, too much care is harmful. Many plants forgive you a more careless care. It’s easy, for example Schedule a weekday for plant care , Then on that day you can spend half an hour (or more or less, depending on the number of plants) taking time for the greens and making a “green round” with your favorite music. Just check each plant, if it looks good and healthy, if the soil has already dried, if there are yellowed leaves, etc.

Good as well: Keep the labels of the plants from the garden center or plant store – so you know how the plant is exactly and can google for tips if necessary or look in the Urban Jungle Bloggers Community. And, of course, the book “Living in green” procure – then nothing can go wrong!

Here you will find trendy plant stands:

Planters at

How can I beautifully showcase my houseplants?

Plants work very well in small groups , Especially when it comes to younger and smaller plants. Group them and play with the size, shape and structure of the plants. Why not a plant that is not only green but also has colored or patterned leaves, such as a calathea or a dotted begonia maculata? Who composes plants of a genus (for example, only cacti), by different planters Bring tension into the arrangement. Who combines different plants, sets up Planters in the same color or the same material , e.g. Terracotta pots. That then works harmonious and beautiful.

Tips houseplants Decorate easy-care indoor plants

Which is your favorite houseplant and why?

A difficult question, because I love almost all my plants at home. I especially like mine Calathea orbifolia because she has such beautiful patterned leaves. but also mine Alocasia zebrina looks great with her extraordinary leaves. For me: the more extraordinary, the more beautiful!

Thank you, Igor, for the interview!

You notice it, the choice for your Urban Jungle is great, whether the houseplants should be flowering or you need to grow your indoor plants in low light – there is the right greening for everyone.

Easy-care indoor plants

  • Sansevieria
  • dragon tree
  • Efeutute
  • elephant
  • gum
  • cactus
  • Kranzschlinge (this houseplant has great flowers!)
  • Rose of Jericho
  • Succulent
  • Yucca

Bring the Jungle home with these plants:

Indoor plants at

The most important care tips summarized

  • Take care tips on the label
  • Do not overflow – avoid waterlogging!
  • Place plants according to the needs of the sun
  • Regulate humidity and temperature according to plant species
  • Dust leaves regularly
  • Remove dried leaves and flowers
  • Repot to give room to the roots
  • Avoid cold shock

All photos © Living in Green / Urban Jungle Bloggers


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