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Unique furniture design by Nika Zupanc

furniture design nika zupanc golden chair

The furniture design by Nika Zupanc steals the show

Are you curious about new design talents? In this article we present you one. It is Nika Zupanc. The occasion is the exhibition of their furniture in the showroom of Moooi during London design festivals.

Marcel Wanders on furniture design by Nika Zupanc

Let’s start our presentation with a statement by Marcel Wanders.

As some of you already know, this is the owner of the design company Moooi. He said some interesting things about Nika, which we agree with.

Refined furniture elegance to admire

furniture design nika zupanc office furniture

In his opinion, their works are very strong against the background of general tendencies. The design world is currently characterized by rationalism, minimalism and technology. It is not easy to find partners who launch smart aesthetics created with typical feminine sensitivity. The role of Moooi is precisely this, as far as the partnership with Nika Zupanc is concerned.

Filigree sofa with a feminine look

furniture design nika zupanc feminine

The same design can also be found as a comfortable lounger

furniture design nika zupanc elegant sofa

Unexpected combinations

Characteristic of the furniture design by Nika Zupanc are the precise lines and the rebellious, unexpected feminine accents. It does not restrict itself to the given framework. Rather, she explores the territory of design with great curiosity. She discovers things that we have never found in any other furniture designer.

Take Summertime Chair as an example

furniture design nika zupanc summertime chair

Summertime Chair is a good example that illustrates Nika’s furniture design. It was marketed by its own design company “La femme et la maison Nika Zupanc”. At first glance, the model is reminiscent of a classic folding chair.

But this gets a very interesting dynamic through the innovative lines and the subtle framework of copper

möbeldesign nika zupanc chair anchor

Enrich your kitchen with unmistakable charm

furniture design nika zupanc summertime chairs table

Five O’Clock chair

Another model that we find particularly interesting is Five O’Clock Chair. This was created for Moooi. Again, everything looks quite common at first glance. It simply turned to the aesthetics of the middle of the last century. But then comes this cheeky flower pattern in combination with the X-shaped back.

This makes the chair a particularly feminine-looking model

furniture design nika zupanc chairs roses motifs

The chic Homework Chair in black leather furniture design nika zupanc homework chair

Demanding and clever – the folding bed in the box

möbeldesign nika zupanc folding bed

Salmon-colored, fine sofas for your living room

furniture design nika zupanc salmon-colored upholstery couch

Lounge couch with a masculine aftertaste

furniture design nika zupanc lounge sofas

Modern meets vintage – the dressing table by Nika Zupanc

möbeldesign nika zupanc dressing table

The revival of ancient traditions – the chic secretary

furniture design nika zupanc secretary


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