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Turn your lounge into a home video wall

If you’re wondering what to do with your lounge, take some time to build a big video wall. It is a trend that is still growing and rightly so. A video wall can serve as a large screen for a classic film night, but also for the presentation of amazing art – from digitized artworks to photography. You can make a collection of your favorite works. Or you can change the graphic based on your mood and the atmosphere you want to achieve. A video wall is a simple and elegant way to customize your lounge for a variety of events.

To organize a party is always difficult. Apart from the invitation and the preparation of all meals a lot of effort is made to make the space optimal. This can be especially difficult (and expensive) if you organize many events and want something special and different each time. Video walls are made for people who love to change their environment from time to time, as they can make it easier and cheaper. A new work of art can give a room a whole new dimension.

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Video walls are available in different sizes and shapes. From those that only serve as screens to the latest touch-screen technology; from a simple rectangular to artistically composed pieces that lend themselves to a modern art museum. Of course, a lot depends on the budget you want to set aside.

Cost of installing a video wall differ considerably, but you should be able to find something in your options. Keep in mind that even if the investment initially seems larger, it will be profitable in the long run, as you will be able to avoid all the small renovations that are beginning to add up to quite high costs. The most important thing is to plan well and to closely examine the various video walls available on the market.

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Do not worry, if your lounge is decorated with vintage or modern fashion, video walls can be integrated for different styles. A Scroll Down Pinterest gives you a wealth of ideas for what you can do. Some of them are more courageous than others, but are not afraid to take risks, they often pay off.

An idea that is not risky, but definitely sets your lounge apart from everyone else, is to think about playing silent artistic videos instead of showing the classically preferred photographs and paintings. This can give your room a breath of fresh air and trigger the “wow” factor when your guests arrive. The video clip can vary from something black and white to vintage or minimalist style to colorful modern art films if you prefer the abstract.

After all, the introduction of this specific technology in your life is not designed to take the focus away from your environment – as is often the case with phones and laptops – but to expand the possibilities of what that environment can show. You can access masterpieces that you would not otherwise be able to see.

In addition, another medium is available to you as a work of art and you can change the works as often as you like! We agree that installing a video wall is rarely the first idea when it comes to decorating a lounge in a home, but it’s an obvious consideration.

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