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Top 10 trends for 2015

2015 !!!!!!! It sounds so futuristic, but here it is right on our doorstep. In this article we will look at the trends that we hold for trends in interior design in 2015. Admittedly, some of these ideas are not “fresh” in the literal sense of the word, some are, but as with everything, “there is a time for everything under the sun,” so here we are Freshome believe that 2015 will shine. Do not take our word for it, take a look at the Google Trends graphs for all trends and you will see that they are on the rise.

1. Spicy pineapple

This is one of those very specific trend predictions that are anything but vague and generalized. Pineapple; We see them on the cat walks, design, prints and home design exhibitions. Whatever it is about this delicious treat; It made it onto our tables in a different way, which is certainly not edible. Keep your eyes open for 2015. A trend that will be limited in scope but still more energetic. Take a look at the adorable pineapple candle holders on the kitchen counter below.

Modern Home Decor 2015 Year Modern Trends Dining Room Top 10 Trends for 2015 Top 10 Trends for 2015 Modern Home Decor 2015 Years Modern Trends Dining Room

Pineapple accessories on kitchen counter.

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2. Ethnic prints

Ethnic fabrics, upholstery and prints look like a popular trend this year. Adding a fresh pizzazz to your home from faraway exotic lands can be boringly boring interiors and if authentic, can be fantastic conversational pieces. So, if you see a pillow, a print or a blanket soaked with culture this year; do not be shy.

Modern Home Decor Spring Decoration - Copy Top 10 Trends for 2015 Top 10 Trends for 2015 Modern Home Decor Spring Decoration Copy

Ethnic designs on cushions bring the couch to life.

3. Beige, let’s go

Beige is one of those color palettes that has been popular for years. It’s a safe color, it’s timeless and it works well as a base color for exciting plastics of color accents. It does not have the advantage it once has and its popularity has declined in recent years. I and countless other designers share the feeling that Beige’s popularity will continue in its downfall. It is one of those who will remain in some form of strength, but it has lost its luster. Overcoming a strong but sterile trend will continue this year.

Modern Home Decor 2015 Year Decorations Trends Top 10 Trends for 2015 Top 10 Trends for 2015 Modern Home Decor 2015 Year Decoration Trends

Beige: work but dwindle in Pizazz.

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4. Cord

Think of trousers (pants), think of the couch (couch)! Many designers bring Cord this year into focus and use this velvet alternative with great impact. We see bold statements regarding upholstery, bold bold bands. A growing trend that will definitely gain momentum in 2015 and 2016. Let’s get this move moving; and who knows, over time it could become a frenzied locomotive.

modern-home-decor-2015-year-trends Top 10 trends for 2015 Top 10 trends for 2015 modern home decor trends 2015 year

Adventurous broad bands on the kordcouch.

5. Fiber Art & macrame

Cheap and accessible for most, as long as you can find a supplier, Fiber-Art and Macrame is artistic, creative and takes the advantage of simple walls and spaces. At the moment it is definitely a micro-trend, but should continue to swing in the next few years. It can be used instead of fine art, expensive wallpaper paper, and other more expensive wall parts, and that’s why I and many other designers think this will be a successful, growing trend in 2015.

modern-home-decor-2015-year-interior Top 10 trends for 2015 Top 10 trends for 2015 modern home decor 2015 year interior

Red macrame chair gives the room a striking touch.

6. Floral influence

Floral designs and chint textiles, as shown in the picture below, are a growing trend, not only in the interior design world, but in other markets such as fashion. If there is a trend in more than one vertical market, in this case with flowers, the trend has a tendency to stay; the perfect storm, you could say. This will be a strong 2015 trend you’ll see everywhere, from billboards, shop windows, interior designs and commercials. Floral textiles are a great option for any new design.

Modern Home Decor 2015 Year Trends Color Top 10 Trends for 2015 Top 10 Trends for 2015 Modern Home Decor 2015 Year Trends Color

Both the flowers and the blues, both great trends in 2015.

7. Hair on fur

No longer is hiding sentenced to live on the floor. Now in 2015 we will see these hairs at height. Off the floor and carried on sofas, sofas, consoles, tables and pillows. We saw a lot more hair in the Grand Designs live show, which has led to our mental abilities being made aware of this trend on the internet. Of course, the best is, but it is also controversial. There are great voices out there screaming to use animal skin, but there are now humane ways to get the skins, skins that would otherwise (unfortunately) have been wasted.

modern-home-decor-2015-year-mpdern-trends Top 10 trends for 2015 Top 10 trends for 2015 modern home decor 2015 year mpdern trends

Controversial, but growing: Hair on hide chairs give the room taste.

8. Compatible colors and accents

2015 will be a step towards versatility. Instead of seeing a sentence, we will see a base color that is animated with color accents that bring a monotonous box into a fresh, vibrant space. We speak bright chromatic splashes over unsaturated undertones. It is a fresh and lively trend that invigorates the senses and pleases the mind.

Modern Home Decor 2015 Year Modern Style Top 10 Trends for 2015 Top 10 Trends for 2015 Modern Home Decor 2015 Years Modern Style

Brilliant colors complement the soft undertones.

9. myriads of blues

Blue is undoubtedly a massive trend this year. We at Freshome see it everywhere, from the home design exhibition to the catwalk. It’s all about blue, and do not be shy if you stick to a hue. Different shades of blue, which roll into each other in the same room, will ignite the senses. Azure, Beryl, Teal, Cobalt, Sapphire; a sky blue that folds back into itself in a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčelectrical design. Apart from turquoise, which I will discuss in a later paragraph, the other blue shade that has gained popularity is Marine. A calming shadow that commands authority without being desperate; Light and comfortable on the eye, that’s one thing you can not go wrong with in 2015: Navy is fashion. Use it in accessories, upholstery, sofas, pillows, cabinets, walls, and anywhere else you can imagine. We see it everywhere, we see it in the design field: Blue will be big in 2015.

Modern Home Decor 2015 Year Modern Trends Living Room Top 10 Trends for 2015 Top 10 Trends for 2015 Modern Home Decor 2015 Years Modern Trends Living Room

Blues are effectively implemented in the kitchen.

10. Melt inside and out

You’ll wonder if you’re in this trend or not, where we see more designers and manufacturers designing outdoor designs for the interior of the home. Not only that, we see tailor-made designs with extravagant ideas that literally trigger a “wow” reaction on guests. Another trend that I saw in November at the Grand Design Live Show, which I have not seen so often in recent years. You’ll be so confused at the end of the year, you’ll be dragging in some of those lounge chairs in your yard and arranging them in your living room.

Modern Home Decor Spring Decoration Home Design Top 10 Trends for 2015 Top 10 Trends for 2015 Modern Home Decor Spring Decoration Home Design1

An extravagant example to bring nature inside.

Happy New Year!!! Enjoy your vacations!!!


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