This is how furniture experts live: as a guest of Caroline von Loft76

Cozy living room from Loft76

How do institutional experts live? I’ve seen it, and I was visiting Caroline Mostert. She runs the interior design business together with her husband Ran Loft76 in the dutch Roermond , Caroline has me – and with you too! – Gives insight into her beautiful home that she lives in with her husband, her three children and the two dogs in Holland. She has also told me where she takes her inspiration.

Dear Caroline, thank you for opening the doors to your great home. Are you telling me a few key facts about this?

We bought the house ten years ago from an old man. The house was built in 1963 and we are the second owners. It was a bungalow and the few rooms were quite small. There was really not enough room for our family of five. But we were thrilled from the first moment by this great house with its large windows. And then have it expanded to a stick without further ado. This also made the kitchen and living room bigger.

Institution Expert House

How would you describe your style of living?

As versatile, warm and modern. In almost all rooms design classics from different epochs can be found. My style has become more modern over the years, more Scandinavian ,

Institution Expert sofa
Device expert kitchen Institution Expert-glass door

Who is responsible for the decoration at your home?

Decoration is really my department! Fortunately, my husband and I have the same taste. But I’m the one who wants to change something from time to time. So if I’m in the mood for change, I’ll do it on my own. Only for larger objects, such as cabinets and the like, of course helps me my husband. Since I am in ours though Shop always changing a lot, I am quieter at home and can enjoy more.

Institution Expert lamp Institution Expert-chairs

I have my home black-and-white furnished. That would be out of the question for you, right?

I also like classic black and white combinations. In my house, however, a mixture of warm natural colors such as green, olive, gray, yellow dominates; mixed with lots of white and wood. Furniture and color scheme must fit the house. We have a lot of nature around us, so it was nice to choose such colors.

Institution Expert floor lamp Institution Expert Lamp bed

Your garden is huge and an absolute dream. Do you spend a lot of time in the garden?

Because of our shop, we are both very busy professionally. Add to this the family life – a lot of time, the garden to enjoy, does not stay there. But I see him every day at breakfast and at lunch. I love the view and enjoy every minute of it.

Thank you for the nice interview, dear Caroline.


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