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The use of wooden planks in interior design

Kitchen and dining Wood
Natural wood flooring is one of the most valued materials in interior design. And that’s no coincidence, because they’re made of trees that are our most natural environment.

Who would not want to feel at home, as if they were in a quiet forest?

the wood inside

The explanation for this phenomenon is simple – natural wood still retains the energy of living trees that make us feel so good.

Without wood, we would not be here

In every phase of social development, the Wood It was essential to our progress. Fire, tools, protection, crossing the seas, taking off into the sky, even making music.

wood strip

Wood has in each of these monumental leaps in the story of humanity. The symbiosis between wood and human is remarkable, even without counting the air we breathe.

Wood inside

With all the technological advances we have made and all the alternatives we have created, we still have to find ways to tame wood and use it efficiently in the design and construction of our homes.

Floor and wood furniture

It is still our most beautiful building material and certainly the most adaptable and easy to work with. Our best furniture, our most dazzling interiors and even our most precious musical instruments are still made of wood.

wooden boards
Being an organic material, wood is by nature unique and varies in character and color even within the same species, depending on the climate and the soil on which the trees grow.
Wooden planks design
Over the centuries, man has found ways to tame the natural character of the wood and effectively tame this wild resource to achieve a degree of visual consistency and a high degree of predictability. And one of the most common ways is to make wooden planks.

Wooden planks desk

And that’s why we love it, but we have to use it with care and respect.

The use of wooden planks in interior design

The wooden planks and their use in interior design

Wooden slats are one of the most preferred materials for interior design or furniture. The look of wood is probably at the top of the selection criteria. No other material has the richness, character, warmth, or depth of a wall made with wood slats or a polished mahogany conference table.
The use of wooden planks in interior design 1
There is a reason why more than 90 percent of all laminate designs mimic wood planks, as is the case with most luxury vinyl flooring on the market, and even with an increasing number of tile products. Ceramics: Wood is part of our history and our heritage, the living soul of our natural and built environment.
The use of wooden planks in interior design 2
The most practical and responsible way to use fine woods and an alternative to natural wood planks is hardwood plywood. Hardwood plywood is the best of both worlds and an alternative to solid wood, which provides maximum performance in the use of surface wood such as wood veneer and composite substrates that use wood fibers that would otherwise be deposited or incinerated.

Design of Plank of Wood

Hardwood plywood products on the market today offer a range of environmental certifications and benefits, depending on where the trees were grown and how they were harvested, processed and converted into furniture or boards.

As you will see later, selecting the best hardwood plywood for your project requires not only an understanding of the materials themselves, but also a high degree of confidence in your sources of supply.

Next, we offer you a design project of an apartment in which a central square takes on a special construction made of wood.


A large wooden core dominates the interior of the Italian studio Gosplan

Studio Gosplan presents a piece of furniture made of cross-shaped wooden strips in the design of the renovated floor, inspired by the Russian artist Lissitzky. The apartment, located in an Italian village near Genoa, was redesigned by Gosplan Studio with the idea of ​​creating a wooden core that goes through all the rooms of the house. The new infrastructure runs through the whole house and acts as a connecting room type.

Crossing wooden planks
The design of the central frame is inspired by the masterpieces of the Soviet artist LIssitsky, a series that explores the language of domination.

wooden planks of ladder

Experimenting in a similar way with axes and multiple perspectives, Gosplan changed the unidirectional principle of this trait by replacing half of his staircase with a large number of wooden planks that form a midline, a short arm, and a longer one.

Interior design with wood
In the design of the house was looking for an improvement to reveal the hidden possibilities of the room.

Bathroom of-two colors

The bedroom has a second bathroom made out of an old storage room and at the end of the hall a sliding mirror hides the door to the bedroom.

wood mirror
The open space allows people to enter directly into a large living room with open kitchen. There is no obvious distraction from the routes within the property and just a short mirrored corridor leading to the other rooms. Even the partially floating staircase gives the impression of a hinting step.

Head-of-wood pendant

Wooden planks kitchen
The entire project is made with a few types of materials and colors. The living room and master bedroom are lined with gray wood planks, while the kitchen and all other rooms have a gray cement floor. The furniture is made to measure from natural real wood and fiberboard medium color density.
The use of wooden planks in interior design

the hall of the floor

Halls and cabinets


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