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The Tolix chair by Xavier Pauchard is reinterpreted

tolix chair mint green accents designer chairs

Designer reinterpretations of the Tolix chair

Do you know the chair A of the French company Tolix? He is made of sheet metal and tubes. It shows how well a combination of robustness and lightness can work out. Chair A became an icon of industrial beauty and craftsmanship.

Designer of the work was Xavier Pauchard. He is also a pioneer of galvanization and the visionary approach to furniture design.

Designer chairs: Tolix chair

Tolix chair Konstantin Grcic's designer furniture

Today you can buy the model in many different variants. The A chair is available in 45 different colors and with 5 different finishes.

Dining chairs in Shabby-Shic style

Design classics Tolix dining chairs

The Tolix chair was already 80 years old. From the idea, he still looks young. On the occasion of the anniversary, the company Tolix initiated a project for its reinterpretation. 8 different artists took part in it. They created new designer chairs that relate to Tolix’s A model.

We present some of the new models. Have fun!

tolix chair in different colors with pad

Chic color accents in mint green

Tolix chair mint green designer chairs interpretation

Konstantin Grcic’s interpretation of the Tolix chair

Let’s start with the German designer Konstantin Grcic. He created a large armchair that combines all the features of the Tolix chair. To illustrate the reference to the original chair, the artist has assumed in the overall design of the shape of the bucket. Nevertheless, the new work has a very own character.

Interpretation by Konstantin Grcics

Tolix metal chair designer ideas Konstantin Grcics
Tolix metal chair detail interpretation by Konstantin Grcics

Bethan Laura Wood

Briton Bethan Laura Wood was also invited to offer a reinterpretation of the A chair. It adapted the typical shape and material better to the needs of the household. It can be said that the feminine character of this designer chair is unmistakable. Bethan Laura Wood drew inspiration for the decorative interior from the historical figure Elizabeth I.

Bethan Laura Wood

Tolix chair interpretation by Konstantin Grcics


Tolix chair interpretation of Konstantin Grcic's detail

Sebastian Herkner

Sebastian Herkner enriched the original Tolix chair with craftsmanship. He used leather cords. The woven structure makes the work something particularly modern and even monumental. In the twentieth century, it is often thought to be the link between the various fine arts. Think about Antonio Gaudi’s buildings.

Tolix chair from Sebastian Herkner

Tolix metal chair by Konstantin Grcics

Decorated with colorful leather cords

Tolix chair designer chairs by Konstantin Grcics

Lex Pott

Lex Pott relied on his typical, rough and intuitive approach to the new interpretation of the Tolix chair. As usual, he gave the piece a unique character through the specific editing of the surface. His work, which refers to the Tolix chair, shows weathered surface in combination with rusted stainless steel. Copper and brass were also used to enhance this effect even more. A certain visual highlight is achieved by the stainless steel.

Reinterpretation of the Tolix chair by Lex Pott

designer furniture tolix chair design

Rusted stainless steel detail

Tolix metal chair detail designer Konstantin Grcics

Giulio Ridolfo

Giulio Ridolfo again demonstrated his personal, highly individualized color palette based on the interpretation of the Tolix chair. On the occasion of this project, he has researched a whole new topic. The chair was completely wrapped in a fabric with blue patterns.

Giulio Ridolfo and his Tolix chair

tolix chair in gray design furniture

Covered with patterned fabric

Tolix chair metal pattern Konstantin Grcics

Colored chair interpretation by Julie Richoz

Tolix chair furniture classic Konstantin Grcics

Chair design by Julien Ceder

Tolix metal chair color Konstantin Grcics

Tolix designer chair by Konstantin Grcics

Design classics in different variants

Tolix chair variations in different colors

Tolix chair in different colors designer chairs

Art installation by Studio Formafantasma

Tolix chair art installation by Konstantin Grcics

The original ‘chaise A’ chair by Xavier Pauchard

tolix chair in shiny silver effects


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