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The most important thing you should know about a patio roofing

terrace roofing fireplace modern threshold passage

Your summer life under the terrace canopy

The warm days are already here. It’s theoretically not a summer yet, but in truth we can easily spend a lot of time outside. For many people, this means that most of their lives are now spent under the patio roofing. In order to feel comfortable there, one would first of all have to learn to make the latter really comfortable.

Sometimes the same rule applies here as in the interiors. In part, there are also some special features. How these behave exactly to each other and how to deal with the knowledge about it exactly, so that creates a really great atmosphere, we will now show you with some great examples.

Stable wooden beams form a chic pergola

patio roofing wooden beams pergola glass

Cool colors

You want to emphasize a certain element under the terrace roofing? Then you should do this in glaring nuances. But to make it even better, the main parts of the design should then be painted neutral.

Dividing into zones

From the concept of open kitchens, one has learned how to accommodate several different zones within an open plan. This has something to do with our need for organization and sharing of functions. On a psychological level, we achieve that even a narrow space feels like a home. So you could reach it under a small terrace roof, that you feel free and have everything that you would have in a giant garden.

Lush vegetation above the city

patio enclosure metal furniture pergola wood creeping plants

Shield the sun

The use of a sun screen should be adapted to the actual situation. If you have a natural cover for the sun in some places, then you do not need to install an extra canopy there, right? Due to the position of the building or sometimes through a tree, one always has shade in many places anyway, or only early in the summer. The patio roofing should really be installed only where it is absolutely necessary.

Elegant solution with metal frame, fabric and glass

patio roofing fabric glass metal frame

Let the light through

Of course, the last statement applies in cases when you use them especially in the summer. If you want to be protected from the weather, such as from the rain, then you might consider a solution that allows the light to pass through in certain places and is only absolutely leakproof at some places.

Small wooden pergola and hanging plants

patio canopy rattan furniture pergola wood

Treat yourself to a lot of comfort

If you spend a lot of time on the terrace, you should also enjoy a lot of comfort there. Set upholstered furniture and many pillows. You can see that they are easy to care for. For outside, as is understood, more dust collects than inside.

Exotic and mystical with pattern pillows and candles

patio roofing upholstered furniture sitting area table

A general focal point with the right lamp and / or a fireplace

For more cosiness under the patio canopy, provide the right light. It can also be combined with a fan. You could also insert a chimney, which will above all have a decorative effect. But he can also contribute to warming up the atmosphere on the cooler spring or fall evenings.

Coziness and security at the same time

terrace roofing fireplace couch

Spice up the floor and other elements with color

Colorize for a seamless transition or a bright contrast to the garden. It would be very effective, for example, to paint the floor under the terrace roofing. Especially with wooden terraces, this is relatively easy. Choose the right color, which will not be damaged by the weather conditions.

Rattan furniture and white upholstery

patio cover padding seating furniture table carpet

Make various seating arrangements

patio roofing concrete look gray nuances cushion

Wooden frame and sheet metal

patio roofing wood frame sheet metal concrete upholstered furniture

Generosity and puristic design

patio roofing wood scaffold roof sunken lights

Rustic ambience with natural materials and smooth colors

patio roofing wooden furniture fireplace

Openness and warmth

patio roofing wood pergola fabric

Sleek transition to the garden

patio roofing wooden roofing wooden furniture upholstery

Partial shade through creeping plants

terrace roofing living canopy plants pergola

Original pendant lights and candles

patio roof pendant lights candles

Set colored accents by throw pillows

patio canopy rattan furniture wooden chair side table

Movable sunscreen in any color

patio roofing sunscreen fabric movable

Partly covered with magnificent vegetation

Terrace roofing partially covered tables chairs

Distributed in two levels

terrace roofing two levels wood


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