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The Beetle Wardrobe – perfect woodcarving and refined design

wood carving wardrobe solid wood artwork

wood carving

To have a bug in the bedroom? Many of you will find this idea disgusting, right? But not when it comes to such an unconventional beetle, like this one. This oversized beetle is made of solid alder wood and is actually a beautiful, masterful wood carving on a wardrobe.

The lovely piece of furniture is one of the best creations by the Latvian designer Janis Straupe, who is one of the most recognized specialists in this field. Straupe has been working as a furniture designer for more than 30 years and still does not stop surprising his customers with new, unique works.

Such a wardrobe will always be the undisputed eye-catcher in every room

wood carving wardrobe artwork wardrobe

His work is known for the perfect combination of functionality and decoration. The designer has an unconventional view that constantly emphasizes the multilateralism of wood as a material. His creations are practical, technically very complex, with clean lines, sharp and geometrically precise, without any excitement and poetics.

Each of his crafts has a special element that distinguishes it from other conventional furniture. In every millimeter you can feel the incomparable instinct in the literal sense. Add to this the union of ancient craftsmanship and modern technology.

The many compartments and drawers ensure a perfect order

wood carving wardrobe artist artwork

Janis Straupe never stops pursuing new developments and looking for a variety of professional challenges. He has organized numerous exhibitions in Latvia and abroad and received many awards for his work. Very often, he makes only one or at most a few pieces of furniture from a series and ensures that his demanding customers can enjoy an excellent and exclusive design.

Clear lines and masterfully crafted elements

woodcarving wardrobe details

So this boutique wardrobe with the masterful wood carving in the form of a beetle has taken a lot of time. For about eleven months, three professionals were involved. The result – a magical piece of furniture with two special, hidden compartments, eleven drawers and even a wine rack.

Take a closer look at the excellent woodcarving and admire the successful handcraft. Have lots of fun with it!

Craftsmanship of the upper class

wood carving wardrobe woodwork artwork

Robust hinges for more stability

Wood carving massive wardrobe door hinges

An oversized scarab in the bedroom

woodcarving wardrobe beetle fig solid

Steadfast and majestic of solid alder wood

wood carving massive wood wardrobe beetle

Fine combination of past and modern

wood carving massive solid beetle figurine


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