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Terraces adorned with plants, original ideas

Terraces adorned with plants

In many articles we have spoken and we have given you many ideas about the decoration of the gardens and the decoration of the terraces, but in this article we will talk about the Terraces adorned with plants and we will offer you very original ideas for you Terrace.

Terraces adorned with plants

Terraces decorated with original plants

It should be remembered that when we talk about decoration, we try to give you the largest number of components that can really be used to create a modern and original decoration that fits your style. For this reason, remember that when it comes to decorating plants, pots are an inseparable part of them and you should use pots to decorate them. The pots you see here are round and green, but also with the small table that has the same shape and the same color.

The decoration of the terrace with original plants and pots

Terraces adorned with modern plants

When decorating terraces with plants, you can also use vases, big vases, if your plants are big. If your vases have an original shape or a modern design, they would also enhance the style and elegance of your patio. After placing the plants, you can add more decorations, such as a round chair, as you can see in the picture.

Decorate the patio of your home with hanging plants and flowers

Terraces decorated with flowers plants

On the other hand, if you’re wondering how to decorate a patio with plants, especially if it’s a smaller patio, you can opt for a chair that you place in a corner on the patio and plants and flowers nearby can place. You can also choose hanging flowers as you will find many original ideas for the pots of these plants.

The hanging flowers as a very modern and original option in the decoration of the terrace

Terraces adorned with hanging plants

To decorate terraces with hanging plants, you can use pots that are shaped like a boat or a basket shape. Flower pots are very modern and also allow you to place a chain to keep the plant in the air. The type of plants and flowers that are very good for this option are those that fall slightly to the ground.

The colors of the flowers that look good and lighten the atmosphere in the decoration of the terrace

Terraces adorned with summer plants

On the other hand, if your pot has a traditional cube shape, you will need to do the hook on the sides in the top of the pot. To hang it under, you need one of the networks designed for this type of pots. You can also combine the color of the flowers and the pot with the colors of your terrace. It is not obligatory, but this way you would get a very nice picture.

Type of decoration with plants and flowers for the terraces

Terraces adorned with hanging flowers plants

You can use this kind of ideas for terraces with plants. You can see in the photo all the options we have mentioned so far: vases and big pots, hanging plants and colored pots. If you have a lamp in your patio, you can change it for a different type of lamp designed specifically for the hanging plants. On the terraces decorated with plants such a light would be surrounded by greenery.

A very modern terrace with plants, with a table and several chairs

Terraces decorated with plants table

On the terraces decorated with plants, you can also opt for large wooden pots used to decorate large terraces, as the plants you can plant can be quite large or plentiful. This kind of wooden pots is a bit like the surroundings in some parks. If you add a table and some chairs to this type of decoration, you would complete the decoration. The other things you could add are small pots for the little plants of the original colors and shapes.

A large terrace decorated with many plants and flowers

Terraces adorned with autumn plants

On terraces that are very large, the plants for the terrace can be very abundant and you can put them on the railing, the walls and the floor. Here you can also combine the hanging plants on the walls or you can also choose the roof hangers.

Terraces adorned with plants, with chairs and table to rest

Terraces adorned with green plants

The plant-decorated terraces can become a true jungle environment, especially if you’ve decided on climbing plants. Among the ideas for a terrace you will also find a selection of climbing plants on walls. For the walls we offer a kind of support that you can put on the wall or in the middle of the terrace. This cross-shaped wooden support, which forms lozenges, can be nailed or stuck in a large or oblong pot. In this pot you have to plant climbing plants so that they are rolled up when growing from the wooden base.

The decoration of the terrace with plants on the walls

Terraces adorned with statues

Another option for a patio with plants on the walls is to place some larger planters where you can place several pots. We advise you to always complete the decoration with other decorative objects or figures, such as a wheel like the one in the photo or with some statues. The lanterns look good on the terraces and decorate the exterior.

The decoration of the terrace with small trees in pots

Terraces adorned with plant chairs

Terrace plants to choose for terraces decorated with pantas are small trees, plum and give them as you like it. You can plant these trees in small pots and put them on the walls. In this way, they seem to create a green fence. The rest of the terrace you can decorate with other objects or furniture, as they could be a table with chairs, if you spend your time on the terrace or another potted flowers.

A simple and original decoration for the terrace with plants and flowers

Terraces adorned with beautiful plants

On the small terraces you can make a very nice patio decoration with rugs. But it would be good if carpets had a bench or chairs, because in this way you could combine the colors of the carpet with the colors of the pillows. Near these carpets you could place the plants or pots with the flowers.

Decoration of terraces with pots hanging on racks

Terraces adorned with plant walls

The terraces decorated with plants on the walls can also be served with other ideas, such as the one on the photo. It is a wooden support with gratings, in which you can hook shelves or pots, in which you can put the pots.

The pots are also used to decorate the terrace

Terraces adorned with potted plants

This support for terraced plants can also be wood, it can be made with wooden boards under which there should be some space to engage the pots. If your wall is brown or any material that approximates the color of the wood, the vehicle will merge with the color of the wall, and if the pots you have set are colored, these are highlighted on the brown background wall

Ways to decorate the terrace of your house with plants and flowers on the walls

Terraces adorned with plant wall

On the other hand, the wood support that you will use can start from the top of the wall and reach down, then continue on the floor. You could just lay your plants on the carrier, which would be very original. For the terraces decorated with plants you can use all the ideas that come to mind, whether it is a small terrace or a large terrace.

Modern terraces decorated with plants in an original way

Terraces adorned with interesting plants

In this photo you can see other types of decoration with plants for terraces. You can cover one of the walls with square shelves as a window and place the pots there. In this way, you only see a part of the leaves of the plants that will stand out. You can also place a piece of furniture only with shelves that can be seen in the picture and put the plants on the shelves.

The decoration of the small terraces with plants and flowers

how to decorate a terrace with plants

As the terraces are one of the places that leisure uses to rest and spend, especially if we have good company, you can set a table with sofas, chairs or chairs and place a flowerpots near the furniture that intervene the balcony railing ,

Terraces with plants and decorated with small bushes

decorate terraces with plants

On the other hand, if the roof of your house is bigger after placing the pots on the railing, you can move a larger potting soil by planting some small shrubs. These large pots can be placed along the entire wall of the terrace creating the feel of a plant staircase.

An original decoration of the terrace with flowers placed in triangular woven wheat pots

Decoration of terraces with plants

The decoration of the walls of your terrace can also be made with triangular pots, such as those woven on wickerwork. In this type of original container you can place the flowers to decorate the terrace.

Type of plant that you can use in decorating your patio

Terraces with plants

On the terraces and in all parts of the house, this type of large plant with broad leaves is very good, so you can use it for the decoration of the terrace. But you can also put on some original decorative stones and you can choose a more modern pot for the plant.

Green plants for the decoration of the terrace in modern pots and with decorative stones

Terrace with green plants

Some of the original pots are those that you see in the photo. You can also decorate these pots with stones and the small plants are very good in it, because you can plant several plants by taking advantage of the length of the pot.

Very original colored pots for the decoration of the terrace

Plants for patio pots

Here we offer some of the most original pots for decorating the terraces. You can find them in colors and they are pots for not very large flowers that have a cavity in the lower part, so they can be fixed in the railing of the terraces.

A very simple decoration for the terrace with flowers on the railing and with two chairs Terrace decoration

Originality and modernity in the decoration of the large terraces

Ideas for a terrace

A pot painted for the decoration of the terraces

terrace plants

A wooden fence for the pots on the terraces

Plants for the terrace

A small wooden bench with small holes in which to plant the flowers for the decoration of the terrace

decorated terrace flowers

The decoration of a small terrace with flowers on the edge of the terrace

decorate terraces with flowers plants

The combination of green plants with the white color of the flowers for the decoration of a terrace

Decoration of terraces with flowering plants

A large terrace decorated with glassware with large plants

decorate large terraces

The original walls of the terrace decorated with plants placed on small shelves

Terraces with plant walls

A very nice and cozy decoration for a small terrace

Terrace with flowers plants

An original decoration of the terrace with small round bulbs and hanging plants

Plants for small terraces

An ornate terrace surrounded by flowers

small patio decoration

The beauty of a terrace with plants and flowers seen from the outside

Ideas for a small terrace

A simpler decoration of the small terraces is reminiscent of Italian balconies

small patio plants

small terraces with plants on shelves and furniture with shelves

Plants for the terrace shelves

A very nice decoration of a terrace with plants and wooden furniture

Decorated terraces flowers plants

Terraces decorated with plants in which the decoration is complemented with a colorful carpet and pillows that combine with this

decorate large patio plants

Hanging flowers on metal hooks for patio decoration

Decorate large flower terraces

The view of a terrace decorated with plants and flowers

Terraces with plants outside


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