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Study design and decoration to make the most of space

Studies design contrast effect

Study design and the way you decorate it are always a challenge. This type of apartment can be a problem in these cases because of their small size. It’s common and we can say that the easiest way is to create a unique style for everyone At home , However, this variant for decoration also has its limits. Especially in terms of creativity and the potential of our house to show our personality.

Studies design and decoration of spaces

Shelves-plain wood integrated

As a counterpart to this option for design and decoration studies, each area can have a different theme. It is necessary to start it by planning everything in detail. Although it is about decorating the areas with different details, the entire studio must have a connecting thread in the decoration. Otherwise, in the end, we would create an image that is too eclectic or meaningless. Today we would like to show you five variants of designs for studies with different styles. Each has a different technique that makes the most of the space. An aspect that is not a problem for studies and creates a harmonious and beautiful place.

modern creative design studios

The first studio apartment is part of YØ DEZEEN’s creation, which is characterized by the use of color in every inch. For this the designers used the monochrome theme with modern ideas. The walls received a treatment that also highlights them. It is plywood with a smooth texture.

Studios design metal shelves

Your living room is characterized by being compact and thus showing the idea of ​​saving space in all interior spaces. This is where the whole layout of the living spaces and the different decorations are combined. Thanks to this decoration, which we can name thematically, the partitions are already integrated. As an example, we can take the interesting striped carpet that delineates these areas.

Shower Modern Concept out

It is not placed in the middle so that the part where the sofa is is less visually rigid. This will allow better communication with the rest of the room and a better connection of the rooms. On the other hand, the independent divider is the best solution YØ DEZEEN has found to create the implicit limitation of the kitchen. The TV is mounted in a convenient location in the house.

Salon Design Studios

modern furniture design studios

It is not perceived as something extraterrestrial, but as part of the space. There is another divider at the same time that is rather partial in the dining room and that uses the big windows. Something that is vital to design studios and their decoration is storage space. Especially in the field of work, there is much to do.

cozy-room-warm bed

This minimizes the need to use a desk that is larger. The paper on the shelves is very important for decoration. They serve as a kind of umbrella for decorative accessories. In this way, the salt of being gets a more personal and homely character. The selection of furniture in the dining room is unique in this YØ DEZEEN project. Its green chairs are distinctive furniture and give the dining room a bright image with that touch of color.

amazing kitchen Modern Ideas

The chairs become a striking element in this unified image of the interior. The pendant lamp with wood decor is responsible for the centering and lighting of the dining room. With the limitations of the place there is no better style than minimalism to compensate for it. The studio kitchen follows this style and impresses with its black-matt panels on the left side, which allow a neutral shine in a fluid way.

Contrast walls wood surfaces

The bedroom has its own personality and the glass door helps you to gain privacy. It is a material that simultaneously allows greater natural light entry. Another storage wall was another great idea to improve the privacy of the bedroom. The bathroom has a luxury appearance due to the matte finish that distinguishes it. The feeling of space is greater thanks to the horizontal tiles with low profile.

elegant ambuientes-salones-especiales

Thanks to them, the bathroom looks wider and more uniform. It is this uniformity that underlines the height of the roof. It was a very functional outlet for a bathroom that is basically narrow. It’s the way to organize the wardrobe so that you feel even bigger than in the room. When it comes to intelligent organization, the result can not be otherwise.

Shelves Chairs Context modern

All the pedestals are covered with shoes, dresses and shirts in their hanging niches. The matte black, which characterizes the style of the studio, has been extended to the wardrobe. It is exposed when the sliding windows are opened. Near the entrance, the same sliding system discovers another functional cabinet. It has the necessary capacity for the inhabitants of the house to have organized and fresh space. To the lamp we mention there are other indirect sources of light which, despite the color of the interior, immediately find everything necessary.

TV Wall-background contrast

The second of the examples we show comes from Lugerin Architects. A study that uses fantastic surfaces with incredible textures. In the 56 square meters of this apartment it is full of life. All thanks to this resource that exploits the textures. The use of materials and the effect of conjugation is truly unmistakable. The bricks, the wood, the use of concrete and the textiles together create a true feast of colors and effects.

Regal bookseller furniture functional

It is a modern studio where you can discover a versatile and cozy atmosphere at the same time. Decha Archjananun vases help the concrete pavement merge with metal accents. As well as with the natural elements that prevail in the design. Everything looks very good thanks to the wooden panels.

Lantern roof-color-black

By simply pushing the TV is discovered and the bedroom and the kitchen exposed. This is another great starting point for someone who wants to create a physical separation between the rooms. Ideal for studio apartments where you want to take full advantage of functionality. Something noteworthy in the bedroom is the storage space. It is a small bedroom but there are many solutions to store in the divider.

Walls brick red squares

They look very well integrated into this wall and support the decoration in general. The shelves have a lot of reading material. So, if you’re a lover of reading anytime of the day, you have books at your fingertips. From the storage of clothes, the cabinets are made of wood in a light tone.

Sliding-dark wood

The removable baskets were organized in the rooms of the lower parts, where it is impossible to place drawers and cupboards. With all the books around him, the cupboard seems to float between them. As we have seen on other occasions, carpets are a good resource for demarcating spaces. Here, they worked with natural colors that highlight the bathroom of the rest of the other areas of the house.

Ceiling Cement Glazed Panels

Other intelligent storage ideas were dedicated to the kitchen. Simple things like glass jars in cupboards minimize clutter. Inside, we find the perfect place for dry products. For decoration, they contribute something different in color, only within a theme of decoration characterized by neutrality. Everything is complemented with geometric tiles that are just great.

Fensterglasiert-Modern special

In our third option we should start with the dining chairs. They belong to the La Central collection by Brazilian designer Guilherme Wentz. For these studios, chairs are designed as the Acapulco-style woven. In combination with the transparent acrylic table they look perfect and are light.

colorful study-simple models

Very easy to adapt to small spaces. Looking at the previous possibilities, this is characterized by the fact that it is exactly colored. Even with the decoration there is a greater uniformity throughout the apartment.

Ideas-sustainable designs special

There are no partitions or interior walls that delimit the spaces. So the whole decoration theme becomes coherent. The result is ultimately a practical and beautiful interior. Burgundy and golden details give it a modern atmosphere.

Tables Yellow Page Bed

Plantas-Pequenas Idea Salones

In this other example, the combination of tradition and modernity is combined. The first thing that stands out is the large wooden unit, which occupies the middle of the house as a separating element. This will give you additional storage space and shelves with a decorative effect in these design studios.

Accents Wood light shades

The entire bench row, which is integrated, can be used as a side table or as a seat. It highlights on the other side the white color of the bedroom just inside the central divider. The part dedicated to the dining room has modern finishes. Starting with the black textured wall to meet other traditional details like the carpet. The dining chairs in their plywood are a combination of modern and traditional.

Picture colorful furniture wood

Painting works Art Decoration

Furniture personalized wood clear

Starting from a focus unlike the previous study, this other study has modern materials. As well as geometric themes that make it more noticeable. We find very strong contrasts with reflective surfaces. This in turn complements soft textures and polygons. At the same time, the metallic surfaces stand out against a neutral background.

Environmental futuristic-white-black

The white bedroom floor is like a platform. The headboard merge with the furniture and only provide extra space on one side. The privacy has been improved thanks to a glass sliding wall.

Separators environments furniture color

Details Geometric ceiling bedroom

Furniture-tone dark wood


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