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Stone and wood bathrooms – ideas for a spectacular design

Bathroom stone and wood

A bath can be incredibly stylish if they use the best materials to create a sense of cool atmosphere and we do not see many better than natural wood and stone combinations.

Bathroom designers have improved their game of using more organic materials in small spaces, and today they’re presenting some really great examples that we’re sure will inspire them.

Bathroom of stone and wood

Bathroom of stone and wood

The idea of ​​having a stone wall in the bathroom is nothing new in itself and has been self-evident for centuries. But in recent decades, owners of modest and rustic alternatives have moved to elegant and refined options that exude a touch of opulence.

Elegant bathrooms inspired by the spas are still in great demand

Bathroom of stone and wood

During the 90s, the trends of design and decoration moved to simplicity, straight and clean lines, dull colors like beige and an appearance that fits in with the idea of ​​modernity, which has changed dramatically at the turn of the millennium. Elegant spas inspired bathrooms are still in great demand, but today’s consumers want a mix of modern and classic, a combination that has revived the popularity of the stone wall.

Stone and wood bathroom

When it comes to stone walls in the bathroom, few approach the timeless charm and elegance of marble. Let’s take a look at inspirations beyond the marble, ranging from rustic to those that fit into the most modern bathrooms. Organic, beautiful and unique, the stone wall in the bathroom is amazing in every way.

Cozy and rustic bathrooms

stone wall

The stone walls and the rustic bathrooms are almost inseparable, bringing with them a touch of authenticity and the charm of the landscape. In addition to heavy wooden beams in the ceiling, the stone wall is often a cornerstone in this environment, and there is also a large selection of natural stones.

The stone you choose for the rustic accent wall depends on the color scheme of the bathroom

Bathroom with stone wall

The stone you choose for the rustic bathroom wall depends on the color of the bathroom, the level of maintenance you want to perform and, of course, the budget that is available to you. The natural stone available locally is often the best option as it is much more affordable, easy to buy, and gives your rustic bathroom a truly unique and native look.

Stone wall

Are you trying to reproduce the wooded environment of the log cabin in your bathroom? Or maybe you would like a bathroom that has a quiet and unpretentious farm style? In any case, the stone wall is ideal for rooms that want to stand out from a polished and modern look. Look for a vintage or custom made copper tub, and you can spend those cold winters in a hot bath while watching the snow-covered landscape outdoors. Who needs a trip to the next ski lodge with such a bath at home?

stone walls

A balance between contrasting styles and textures is an approach that we love because it shows a touch of creativity and dispels the boredom of bathroom design. The use of a fabulous stone accent wall in the contemporary bathroom gives a structural and visual contrast and gives the room a wonderful focal point.

Bathroom with stone walls

But think of styles beyond the modern and rustic, because there is an infinite world of possibilities when it comes to stone walls in the bathroom. The taste of sandstone and limestone is perfect for a Mediterranean-style bath, while the natural stone works well in modern bathrooms with a rustic, homemade or handcrafted style.

Bathroom with stone floors

River rocks, polished stone tiles, dark granite and lava rocks are great for the tropical bath, and although they are hard to find in some parts of the world, they are still worth the effort. Keeping the stone wall in the bathroom or in the clean shower requires a bit of effort, especially if you use a finish like the splitface. While stone faces with rough faces add structure to the bathroom, they often require more maintenance.

Bathroom with accent walls

Can a more modern bathroom in a contemporary home house a fabulous stone wall, even if it’s just an accent feature? Absolutely, because the many inspirations show below! The beautiful natural stone wall provides an exceptional backdrop, which is still neutral and yet gives a textured finish that most polished contemporary finishes can offer. You can use natural stone for Wall accent directly behind the freestanding bathtub, or you can create a beautiful shower screen that is both captivating and resilient.

Designs of modern bathrooms with accent walls made of natural stone or wood

Stone accent walls

When it comes to a stone wall in the bathroom, size is not always a big constraint. Even the smallest of the modern bathrooms can have a decorative stone wall, and you can have this exotic look with stones and boulders all around Bath to create a luxurious environment. Regardless of the stone, the finish and the size of the accent wall, you can be sure that this will be the characteristic feature of your small and comfortable bathroom.

Bathroom with wooden accent wall

Accent walls of wood

Original bathroom designs

accent wall

Modern bathrooms with stone walls

Stone accent wall

Zen-style bathrooms with river stones

Bathroom decoration

Bathroom designs with walls in marble and wood

modern bathroom

Bathroom with stone walls and wooden furniture

Design Ideas

Decorative ideas with stone and wood

Decorative ideas with stone and wood


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