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Small sofa – the couch Anana by Aqua Creations

small sofa anana couch

Small sofa – the amazing collection Anana by Aqua Creations

The couch Anana belongs to an innovative collection of furniture – sofas, benches and chairs by the company Aqua Creations have been produced. It is a small sofa that offers a lot of comfort. Like all other pieces of furniture in this collection, the sofa has been made up of small fabric-wrapped parts.

The designers wanted to offer something new in the market that meets the growing interest in innovation. So they have managed to achieve the perfect combination of beautiful design and optimal function.

The furniture is handmade and looks three-dimensional. Although the design is very innovative and modern, no compromises have been made when it comes to relaxation and comfort. The great furniture collection combines the ultimate interior design and a fresh touch for any modern interior. Some of the sofas and benches even look like caterpillars and snails and that’s what makes the collection so unique and interesting. Take a look at the great pieces of furniture and decide for yourself.

Small sofa as a bench

small sofa anana bench

Attractive and ergonomic

small modern sofa balls colorful

Comfortable white stool

small modern sofa couch white

Bench like caterpillar

small modern sofa dark gray caterpillar

Green, soft stool

small sofa green balls

Innovation in orange

small modern sofa stool orange

Velvety and soft

small sofa ottoman orange

Passionate red

small modern sofa ottoman red

Comfortable armchair

small sofa armchair

Three-dimensional armchair in pastel

small sofa armchair pastel

Ergonomic bench

small sofa bench anana

White fabric, cool shapes

small sofa fabric comfortable


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