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Small living room design ideas 2017

Small Living Room Decor-2017-9

No secret that comes up small living room design is pretty easy. But what if this space in your home is only a few meters? First and foremost, do not despair, because turning a small room into a luxurious, comfortable and stylish space for rest and hospitality is just a few rules decorating ideas 2017 should be maintained: correctly chosen color and rational use of squares provided.

Warm, calm shades are best for small ones Living room colors in 2017. However, nobody prohibits the use of dark colors inside of modern living room ; The main thing is an intelligent and patient approach to small living room design , According to small living room design ideas 2017 If the walls are white or beige colored, it is appropriate to choose darker shades for the furniture – red, turquoise, green or chocolate brown, which add a light textile. If coffee or green colors are used for walls, then you can choose white or gray for the decor.

in the small living room decor Much depends on the lighting. Instead of a single chandelier in the room, it is desirable to hang spotlights on the ceiling, walls and floor lamps. The right color of the walls and ceiling can also help “saturate” your living room with light. For example, a glossy ceiling will not only help visually enlarge the space in the room, but also serve as a reflective light source.

Colorful textiles, bright unusual pictures, wallpaper may be used small living room decor , Fireplace and comfortable and ergonomic furniture give the room also a comfort.

Living Color Ideas 2017 Living Color Ideas-2017-1 Living Color Ideas-2017-2

Small Living Room Decor-2017 Small Living Room Decor-2017-2 Small living room design ideas-2017-1 Small living room design ideas-2017-2

Small living room design ideas-2017-9 Small living room design ideas-2017-5 Small living room design ideas-2017-6

Living room color ideas 2017

As confirmed by the prestigious magazine, in the current season the colors “Marsala” will be at the peak of popularity. This is a combination of burgundy and brown. The rich and luxurious tone quickly gained recognition not only among popular designers but also among ordinary citizens. “Marsala” is perfect for blinds, upholstered furniture and even wall design.

Another living room color trend is “stormy weather.” It’s a cold color combined with the style of high-tech and minimalism. For those who prefer warm Living room colors it is necessary to pay attention to shades of coral. Blue-green and olive shades are suitable for the eco-style. The beige and brown tones have not lost their relevance for several seasons. And finally, the classic contrast of black and white is perfect in every combination.

Living Color Ideas-2017-4 Modnyj-dizajn-interera-nebolshoj-gostinoj-2015-2016-na-25 photo-25 Small Living Room Decor-2017-3 Small Living Room Decor 2017-4 Small Living Room Decor-2017-5 Small Living Room Decor-2017-6 Small Living Room Decor-2017-7 Small Living Room Decor 2017-8 Small living room design ideas-2017 Small living room design ideas-2017- Small living room design ideas-2017-3 Small living room design ideas-2017-4 Small living room design ideas-2017-7 Small living room design ideas-2017-8


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