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Small kitchen: How to enlarge the room visually

If you are thinking about how to make space bigger and more spacious and you want to know how to visually enlarge the space in the kitchen, there are some available small kitchen design Methods and rules of artists, interior designers, furniture makers, then you only need to get to know a number of advices and recommendations from experts in these areas. Stocks two-three techniques and methods so that you can always build compact small kitchen With practical furniture you enlarge the room visually and feel comfortable and comfortable.

small kitchen-like-to-zoom-in-room-kitchen-decoration-ideas-kitchen-remodel

small kitchen-like-to-enlarge-room-kitchen-decoration-ideas-kitchen-remodel-1

Colors, pictures and decor presence in small kitchen

For many people, no secret that lighter colors always visually expand the space. Therefore, in Remodel kitchen or decoration use only light and light colors and shades. But to small kitchen design does not look boring, feel free to use the small spots of colored spots. It can be rare scattered small pictures on walls or tiles on kitchen apron and several tile pieces on the floor of another, richer tone. In addition to this common approach too Remodel kitchen and decoration of walls, ceilings and floors, you should also be guided by some requirements for visual spatial expansion:

  • Monochrome – Use of colored tiles in small kitchen design , numerous patterns on textiles, curtains or kitchen fronts, filling the kitchen with colorful spots in furniture; This visually increases the volume and we have to reduce it.
  • Two colors – allowed two-tone or even tricolor coloring in small kitchen but most basic should be one or two colors. Everything else is chosen only at minimal volume. This not only applies to furniture, but also to matching kitchen textiles, household appliances and all sorts of utensils.
  • Not volumetric decor – All volume options of small kitchen always heavier and heavier, but on the contrary our job is to make the exercise easier and more free.
  • shine – High gloss surfaces, whether on facades of headsets, on the surface of household appliances or on the cover of dining tables; They are always made clear small kitchen more spacious.
  • Shiny metal – Chrome or steel table, chair legs, cornice for curtains, the use of swiveling metal dish driers and other elements, will significantly reduce furnishing areas and visually larger the space than bulky boxes, frames or cabinets.
  • mirror – This element has no color or is close to silver, but it can create the illusion of larger space small kitchen design and thus make use of reflective surfaces on walls, kitchen aprons or on the ceiling small kitchen Room higher and wider.
  • Glass – glass facades on hinged locks make it easier to perceive perceived furniture than color variations of chipboard or MDF.

small Kitchen-like-to-enlarge-room-kitchen-decoration-ideas-kitchen-remodel-2 small Kitchen-like-to-enlarge-room-kitchen-decoration-ideas-kitchen-remodel-3 small Kitchen-like-to-enlarge-room-kitchen-decoration-ideas-kitchen-remodel-4 small Kitchen-like-to-enlarge-room-kitchen-decoration-ideas-kitchen-remodel-5 Kitchen-as-To-Enlarge-Room-Kitchen-Decoration-Ideas-Kitchen-Remodel-6 small Kitchen-like-to-enlarge-room-kitchen-decoration-ideas-kitchen-remodel-7

small Kitchen-like-to-enlarge-room-kitchen-decorating-ideas-kitchen-remodel-8 Kitchen-as-to-visual-large-size-room-kitchen-decoration-ideas-kitchen-remodel-9

Indoor plants should not disturb the room either and should be restricted to small species such as violets, campanula or aeschynanthus. These plants do not hang and do not protrude in all directions. They also have no sightstick, but there are other plant species, and therefore they are also suitable small kitchen ,

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