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Small bathrooms – functional design ideas for small spaces

small bathrooms

Small bathrooms are quite common in many homes. In such situations, you are probably wondering how to make this room more functional without compromising aesthetics.

Above all, do not hurry to see the disadvantages of the small bathrooms because they also have their advantages: they are heated at low cost, they can be easily ventilated and cleaned and sterilized. If you want to maximize the available space, the key lies in functionality and small details.

Small bathrooms

Ideas for small bathrooms

Keep in mind that the main purpose of the bathroom is to meet our hygiene requirements. The fact is, large luxury bathrooms usually have a washing machine, spa and toilet area. However, a small bathroom should only contain the most important components: a shower, a sink and a toilet (and a bidet if space permits). To be functional, a bathroom also requires a radiator, a fan, a mirror, a cosmetics shelf and a boiler, if there is no district heating. The location of all these elements in the bathroom can often be a challenge. Therefore today we would like to offer you some standard rules that will help you:

Trends for small bathrooms

The minimum distance from the front edge of the sink to the opposite wall should be 60 cm. The same as in width in the case of the sink to be installed between two walls

Design for small bathrooms

The use of a curtain is not recommended, as the room contracts visually, but if you want to hold a barrier against the shower, there are glass doors that fold against the wall when the shower is in use.

small bathroom design

When sanitary installations are mounted directly on the floor, the human brain intuitively relies on the dimensions of the walls in the loop of narrow and sloping ground and automatically determines the space as “too small”. It is recommended to choose sanitary facilities with rounded edges. In the small rooms there are furniture without corners. Do not hurry to choose toilets and large sinks, but choose a compact but functional option.

Choose materials

Decoration of small bathrooms

The right choice and combination of materials gives the bathroom life and beauty. In fact, its size is not really important when it comes to materials. Perhaps on natural materials such as marble, ceramics, stone, wood or at least those that visually resemble their natural patterns. The wooden elements bring comfort and peace to the interior. The marble creates a feeling of luxury and splendor.

Create an illusion of space

Create an illusion of space

Pay attention to the colors first. It is well-known that dark colors are not suitable for small or narrow bathrooms because they visually “lock” the room. Remember that the bathroom is part of the home you need to inspire calm over your right cold colors – blue, green, purple, white and earth neutral tones. They are particularly suitable for concealing imperfections or unconventional twists of architecture and curves in space. If you choose the floor, walls and ceiling of the same color create an optical illusion of infinity – the eye does not distinguish a clear slope on the wall, ceiling or edge between the wall and the floor. In this way, the room creates a sense of integrity and harmony, especially if the sanitary appliances are in the same tonalities.

color palette

You can add color to the interior with color accessories for toiletries or towels. But if your bathroom is perfect, correct lines can provide a perfect contrast between the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. The combination of the average dark floor and the walls with the ceiling light rearranges the background space, creating a sense of depth and volume. The Mirrors They are a necessary component to furnish any room, but small bathrooms that are used with greater force. They visually increase the space, especially when it reflects light. Choose a suitable place for mounting an additional mirror in addition to the functional area above the sink. A good place for this is the bathroom door, as long as there is no other room or wall. If the bathroom is long and narrow you should not be desperate. Use wallpapers that show the room in perspective. The panoramic view of lakes, roads, bridges or streets of the city is great.

The effect of the lights

The effect of the lights

Here special attention must be paid. There is a misconception that a large ceiling or sconce will suffice for a bathroom. This is the easiest way to ruin all your efforts. Small bathrooms need different and broken lighting: on the mirror, on the toilet, on the shelf or between them Shelves with colored towels, and why not under the sink. The central lighting provides a bright and even light, and the additional local lighting creates different illuminated areas and a series of clear shadows. Remember, the most important thing for small bathrooms is to maintain proper cleanliness. No matter how you design the room, if there is constant chaos, you will always look too small and messy with unnecessary things.

Designs and ideas

One of the most important things to define is the choice of elements that give life to walls, furniture and accessories, as well as the colors used in the decor. The idea that small bathrooms can not have a nice and cozy design is not correct. The techniques for good room management in decorating small bathrooms exist and you should take advantage of them. See below for more tips on how to do it.

Tips and ideas

2018 promises a lot of personality with texture, color and accessories. Colorful wallpaper, elegant furniture and graphic tile designs make the bathroom a mini-hideaway. Whether you are planning a renovation or just looking for inspiration in decoration, we will show you the trends in style.

simple ideas

With eye-catching tiles, colorful wallpaper and extravagant lamps that play a key role in bathroom design, it’s important to balance what can be achieved in a minimalist wardrobe. Decorate with simple elements to make sure the room is not too crowded.

modern bathroom

You can personalize your bathroom by adding a stool and a small table to make you feel luxurious and give your make-up routine your own special space.

Vintage bathroom

The Mediterranean-style tiles are booming. The cement tiles are coming back strong, and if you like intricate Moroccan designs or modern geometric shapes, this is a great time to use them.


These colors will continue to play a prominent role in bathrooms, but in darker shades. They look spectacular with pastel-colored walls, modern cabinets and vintage accents.

Retro bathroom

The combination of different types of tiles promises a nice and easy way to get a completely personalized bathroom. Try a monochrome palette to get a good visual effect and play with the meter, hexagons and squares.

Trends for bathrooms

This is another trend: Use a very dark color on one of the walls of the bathroom. It can be contrasted with natural textures like a jute carpet and a mirror with a wooden frame, and it will have a space that will never go out of fashion.

Great bathroom

Often the theme of fish and aquariums is used on the bathroom wall, but this year you will see a resurgence of unexpected artworks.

Ideas for the bathroom

Why do not you turn your bathroom into a private sanctuary? Personality is the key to the design of the bathroom, and additional elements such as a fern will help to achieve it.

Bathroom with mirror

Mirrors are mandatory, and this year the trend is round and as big as it fits on the wall. You can go for a rustic style or glamor, depending on whether you prefer to frame it or leave it natural. In any case, they manage to make the room much more glamorous than its square counterparts.

Ikea bathroom

Why is the bathroom always the last room that attracts attention? A pretty and elegant accessory in the decoration will give the room an important personality.

small bathroom

Introducing a touch of nature into small bathrooms is an excellent way to create an open and airy space. A bright green sparkle on an earthy white slate gray background works wonders, with just a hint of wood tone for warmth and texture.

modern bathroom

It seems that there is never enough storage space in the bathroom, so it’s good to be creative.

Bathroom with mosaic tiles

The small tiles create a feeling of more space on the wall, as many, many small tiles are needed to fill the extension. You may also be satisfied that your space on a small wall costs less than a larger bathroom, so you can go edge to edge for a completely forgiving appearance.

Bathroom Designs

Bright and colorful kitchen cabinets reached last year, and now it is intended to enter even the small bathroom. Navy blue and pure black are used very frequently this year. These striking tones look stunning with gilded fittings and white countertops.

Bathroom Designs

Colors play a key role in creating the feeling of spaciousness in small bathrooms. Bright colors are the best ally we can find, as they have the gift of moving away from the recipient’s walls. If you combine them with vivid colors, you will achieve an invigorating, invigorating and very pleasant space, as we can see in the picture below. It should be noted, however, that modern bathrooms are characterized mainly by the use of a neutral color palette: white, gray, beige and natural wood.

bathroom design

Pastel colors, earthy colors or neutral colors in bright colors create a feeling of more space. The same with the floor, we personally recommend a light color, with a bath rug in a soft and clear color too. You can add splashes of color to the accessories, such as the toilet lid, a range of colored ceramics, etc.

original design of the bathroom

Another fundamental point in the task of visually enlarging a bathroom is the minimal integration of the furniture to allow good circulation and a broader view of the floor, walls and space in general. To achieve a contemporary look, you must use minimalist furniture, that is, with simple lines and designs. This will also help create a larger space, as furniture and accessories overloaded with details tend to create an approximation effect.

Impressive bathroom design

On the other hand, the mirrors should be as large as possible because they give a greater sense of depth and dimension as well as the transparent or reflected tiles. As a surface that reflects, this surface does not limit, but acquires depth.

small bathroom design

The sink should not be big, as small and classic as possible. If the bathroom is not so small, a cupboard in the sink is an excellent option to keep everything tidy and in place. Keep in mind that it is advisable that the bathroom looks as clean and clear as possible, so as not to create an overwhelming sensation.

Vintage bathroom design

To successfully complete this type of decoration, you need to include a good light. It should not be a faint but very bright light, which reflects appropriately on the bright walls and a touch of bright colors. Remember that walls and dark objects tend to create the effect of the approach, and what is trying to eliminate the walls and all the elements that are part of the decor.

simple bathroom design

Natural light is always the best option, otherwise the lights that illuminate a good part of the bathroom and focus certain lamps on various points of interest, such as the mirror in front of the sink.

modern bathroom design

You should consider every inch of the wall so you can place the shelves you really need, not just for decoration.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Design

If your dream is to have a bathtub, do not frustrate it as they exist of all sizes; If this leaves the bathroom extremely small, add a floor-to-ceiling mirror that creates the feeling of extra space to counteract it. The mirrors are one of the most used tricks in the decoration to visually expand the rooms.

Design of super bathroom

Decoration ideas

Decoration and design ideas

Ideas for wall cladding

bathroom furniture

Trends for bathrooms


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