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Small bathroom ideas

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In almost all multi-storey buildings, the bathroom is too small, its size no more than three – four square meters and sometimes much less. This problem has long been ventured by designers and there is even an existing standard small bathroom designs , In this article we will provide some small bathroom ideas ,

Planning small bathroom designs

For the planning small bathroom designs There are some modeling computer programs, some of which are available online with free access. In order to place the bathroom fixtures and bathroom furniture competently, you must above all pick up a piece of paper and create your room in reduced size. Mark where water hoses, sewer pipes and ducts are. Remember that with current technology, water supply is possible almost everywhere in the bathroom; The same applies to the sewage system. And if your tub is on the left side, you can set it on the right side, which only requires some investment in traffic communication. All this applies to other sanitary ceramics such as sink, toilet and bidet.

When planning small bathroom designs, first consider where the door will open. It is assumed that the door should open inwards, but then the useful area of ​​the small bathroom becomes even less, because a door closes one of the walls. Therefore, recommended door opening to the outside. If that does not fit, think about sliding doors, saving space in small bathrooms and in the hallway.

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Small bathroom decoration and repair ideas

  • The classic version of the small bathroom decoration is white and its shadows. They have only one drawback, practicality is lacking, you have to pay too much time to clean the bathroom.
  • But you can not only know, natural shades of mild green, olive, pink and purple are also good enough, but avoid dark colors.
  • Also be careful with bright colors, only small areas should be brightly colored.
  • Tiles on the diagonal extend the space perfectly small bathroom designs ,

The use of large or too light patterns and flowers is taboo for small bathrooms; They optically reduce the space and also try to avoid metallic shades.

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Little Bad Idea Bad designs Bath decor

Small bathroom ideas bathroom designs Bathroom Decor 1

Faucets and sanitary ware in a small bathroom

When considering sanitary fittings and sanitary ware in small bathrooms, it is important to remember that the minimum required for each bathroom is the bathtub or shower, sink and toilet bowl. Additional items include a bidet, washing machine and bathroom furniture.

The lighting should be sufficient, but without breaking. The small bathroom does not get bigger, even if you install several lamps. Some halogen lamps on the ceiling and additional mirror lighting will suffice. You can add an extra sidelight to highlight some special details, such as: B. nice pattern on the wall or vintage lamp.

Plumbing and sanitary-in-small-bathroom-6 Small bathroom ideas bathroom designs Bathroom Decor 2 Little Bad Idea Bad designs Bath Decor 3 Small bathroom ideas bathroom designs Bathroom Decor 4 Little Bad Idea Bad designs Bath Decor 5 Little Bad Idea Bad designs Bath Decor 6 Small bathroom ideas bathroom designs Bathroom Decor 7

Hopefully our touch up small bathroom ideas will be helpful.


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