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Simple Landscaping: Decorate your garden in an original way

super modern garden design

A well-kept garden helps to make the house a welcome. A well thought-out and organized landscape design should complement the natural terrain of the country and improve the overall theme of the house.

Today we would like to show you our selection simple ideas from landscaping, you can not miss her.

Wide range of simple ideas for modern landscaping

original modern garden design simple ideas

Modern designs are based more on the minimalist and sparse look. The voluminous shapes and color are over. The modern look consists of clean lines, earthy colors, the creative use of stone and the minimized use of divergent colors.

Original modern landscape design and simple Xeriscape ideas

Original Design Terrace Xeriscape House

We have seen a departure from solid pavements and a favor towards the cobbled lanes, which are traversed by round stones.

Original design of the modern terrace with wood burning fireplace

Original fireplace fireplace terrace

The lines are more pronounced when the horizontal fences are clean. Materials like aluminum, vinyl, steel and wood are popular with modern fences. Add a tandem with fire and water features and hug the yin and yang in your front yard. A bamboo groove on one side of the garden provides a nice backdrop for a relaxing outdoor corner.

Beautiful fountain in zen style decorated with boulders

pretty fountain garden zen

Transforms a harmless garden tap into an impressive and creative source of water. Decorate it with boulders or pebbles for a pleasant natural effect.

Garden path original design with stones

Path garden decoration stones

A combination of black and green colors can be very interesting and dramatic. Black makes green look fresher and more lively.

Garden decoration and simple ideas with natural stone elements

Natural stone garden decoration

The use of stones and stones is common in modern front gardens. Among them, the growing vegetation looks more attractive.

Beautiful designs of natural landscapes with plants

Decoration gardens landscapes natural plants

Gardening is still relevant to front gardens, albeit in a more moderate form. This garden design provides an interesting dimension for a front yard.

Selection of simple ideas for the design of gardens

Design garden path plants

Shaped shrubs are still popular in the Landscaping contemporary In order to modernize your shrub garden, stick to the simple shapes, group different shades of green and keep the rest of the garden modest.

Landscape design in modern xerica peacock

Landscape design of modern Xeriscape garden

Or add a distinctive Xeriscape feature to create a perfect focus for your front yard. A landscape designed according to the principles of xeriscape will make most of the water natural and, through careful planning and selection of plants, minimize the need for much additional water. If you choose environmental xeriscaping, choose native plants and water them with a rainwater harvesting system. It’s a great way to enjoy beauty while plants benefit from the earth. Frequent travelers should choose the low water consumption systems and the use of a rain sensor that adjusts the automated irrigation system in times of natural humidity.

Floors with plants and natural grass

Design gardens landscapes modern grass

The walkways are provided with holes for the grass to grow. The green and white pattern gives the terrace a sharper look.

Original modern garden design with lawn

modern lawn garden design

Dedicated to a corner of the terrace for growing flowers. An easily accessible place that is visible but does not affect the living areas of the garden.

Original modern patio decoration with large planters

modern design Suerlo garden gravel

Large planters are very current in the most modern garden designs. The bigger they are, the better. The forms are fundamental; round, square, tubular or conical.

Garden decorated with many plants and shrubs

great decoration garden plants

There are many flowers and plants that can grow from a small cut of another plant. Before you go to the florist to buy plants, seedlings or light bulbs that can be caroas, ask your friends who have plants to admire more small cuttings of plants. Some beautiful flowers and succulents grow very well from the cuts.

Super modern landscape design in Xeriscape style

grand landscape design xeriscape style

The strategic placement of lighting in the plants and planters around the garden will highlight and highlight your priorities.

Supermodern garden design with Cortensteel

Super design garden steel Corten

Give your front yard a futuristic touch with metal vessels in chrome, silver, copper or Cut steel.

Simple ideas for decorating garden paths

simple ideas decoration gardens

Mark your sidewalk by decorating it with little florets or herbs. The right combination of soft plants softens the hard lines of modern farms.

Original patio design with natural stone terraces

natural terraced rock garden

An inexpensive landscaping that produces a great visual impact is the use of paving stones and floor coverings. If you have an area of ​​unused areas in your garden or bare earth you would like to once cover, recycle or use broken stones in a mosaic pattern of your choice. Decorate with moss or succulents between the contrasting stitching.

Beautiful garden design in modern style decorated with stones

Modern style garden decorated stones

Define your front yard with thin and minimalist fences. Create a decent design to make the most of a small patio.

Original modern garden design with landscape xeriscape style

Modern landscape garden Xeriscape

Sedum is a perennial plant of bright green color with yellow flowers that spreads by itself, develops in full sun and does not need much water or care to survive. Another great option is to create a path decorated in its mosaic pattern with lemon thymiangras.

Simple ideas for designing small garden landscapes

Garden terrace modern small design

Its growth is slow, requires little care, is edible and gives off a pleasant aroma.

Beautiful design of the luxurious modern garden

Garden pool modern design chairs

The natural colors appear in the modern front gardens. Plant white hydrangeas against the lush vegetation to make your front yard look livelier.

Original modern garden decoration with gazebo

Original garden pavilion

Many contemporary front gardens still contain many plants with colorful flowers. Keep them controlled and in the formation of beautiful colored lumps to avoid the messy appearance.

Original terrace terrace decoration design

Original terrace terrace

Rough stone and wooden boards with rigid lines characterize the character of modern front gardens.

Original garden design in a modern style

original modern garden design

This style is ideal for steep front curbs. On the other hand, Japanese gardens are the epitome of minimalist garden design.

Designs of modern landscapes in minimalist style

original modern landscape design

Bring a little Japanese inspiration to your front yard with wooden boxes, water features and natural stone blocks.

Original modern garden design in a minimalist style

original modern garden design

The designs of contemporary gardens include clean and clean lines, patterns and sharp shapes. The leaves are domesticated, the plants are structured and the different areas are defined.

Original garden design with tropical pergola

original tropical garden design

The pergolas are romantic and charming. Create a perfect space for a modern minimalist pergola in your garden.

Simple tips and ideas for decorating gardens

original garden simple ideas

The designs of modern gardens use many natural elements. The different gradients and properties of the stones are best displayed together.

Original selection of succulents for modern gardens

original selection succulent garden

It combines three of the most elemental elements of nature to decorate a terrace in a fresh but elegant way. If you have a showy house to show, let your front yard be the backdrop that complements the facade with lighter paving stones.

Great garden landscaping

original design garden decoration

The rich hue of dark wood balances the dark green of the succulents very well. A vertical succulent garden in a modern wooden fence is another garden design proposal.

Original modern patio design

Patio design modern landscape

It’s likely that you already have what you need in your house to grow flowers or vegetables, so you do not have to buy beds or planters raised in a garden shop. Some ideas for planters are wine crates or barrels, tires or old pallets. Planters that are reused at different heights to give depth and dimension and give your garden a visual focus.

Original landscape design on the terrace of a skyscraper

original luxurious terrace modern landscape
Choose one of the design approaches to landscaping with flowers; a single color of flowers or a combination of the colors of perennials.

Large modern landscape design of Janice Parker landscape

Beautiful garden view land

Finally, we would like to show you this impressive modern garden design with a view; It is a creation of Janice Parker landscape architects.


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