Sideboards and Cabinets – 20 Inspirational Ideas for Decoration

Chest-of-wooden decoration
The dressers and showcases have a wonderful decorative purpose in the At home . They are not only attractive in themselves and offer storage space, they also offer you an incredible opportunity to express your personal style.

Dressers and cabinets decoration

But unfortunately it can be very difficult to make the dressers and showcases look good. Therefore, to make this furniture and its decoration well with the general style of Room You have to choose very carefully the decorative elements that should be used. To help you with this task today, we have selected 20 images for you that will inspire you and give you useful decorating ideas.

Cabinets and cabinets ideas

How do you decorate dressers and showcases? main styles

There are a variety of styles that you can decorate their dressers and cabinets, but here we will show you 4 of the most popular styles.

Decoration of eclectic sideboard Bank

Eclectic style

The first style is the eclectic collection. This aspect allows you to stack books, add ceramics and sculptures, maybe a plant (or even more), a funky lamp and some art.


When it comes to a TV sideboard, the possibility of stacking decorative objects is of course limited by the TV situation. But the eclectic style is undoubtedly very charming, as it offers a lot of creative freedom in terms of color and texture.

Ideas Decoration Books
Decoration with books

The second look is to turn books into a basic element of decoraicón. You can stack or sort them by thickness and height or by collections. You can even leave something open to show a nice illustration. This look is usually a bit low, without a ton of layers, which is useful when you mount a TV. You can add an object here and there, but the focus is really on your reading material. The achieved aspect is warm, friendly and intellectual.

Dressers and Cabinets Decoration-Modern
Art inclined

The third style is the inclined art. The idea of ​​inclined art is often mixed with earlier style ideas. Art in layers is a charming and original way of decorating, but it can be difficult to have enough space to have a TV, and if you are not careful, you can start to feel a little untidy.

Minimalism sideboards and cabinets
Minimalist decoration

The last option is the decoration of ultra-minimalist sideboards and cabinets. In this case, you can leave your dressers and showcases completely empty. Or place a single vase or a small group of objects. This aspect can seem very clean and clear. But it can also feel super raw, unfinished and boring.

Whatever style you choose to decorate the chests of drawers and showcases in your home, we encourage you to follow these steps for the best results:

Decoration original sideboard

Start with a surface evaluation

Any size or style of dresser or display case, from a glamorous metallic model to a rustic piece of worn wood can be decorated with style. But to get a beautiful and harmonious decoration, you must first evaluate the surface you have to select the objects that look best there.

Style eclectic decoration
A consideration: a lower shelf means that the decoration potential is doubled. So think about how many pieces you want to show when choosing your dresser.

Place a piece of declarative art

Whether it’s a ship transport photo, a lively floral still life or a bold abstraction, look for a great job that can visually anchor your dresser.

Dressers and presents idea
Alternatively, opt for a diptych or a trio of works hanging from a row, or even a series of four to six smaller ones arranged in a grid. The goal is to create a consistent and coherent focus that will serve as the foundation for the rest of your arrangement.

Pictures and images-on-dresser
Place books and boxes

Create one or two piles of books (large design volumes work well) and decorative boxes on each shelf. These will act as a base for the accents, allowing you to place objects at different heights to create an attractive visual rhythm.

Cabinets and Cabinets Ideas Original

The goal here is balance, not perfect symmetry, so do not worry about stacking up, in fact, a little variation will create a more interesting look.

Ideas of Decoration mirror
Give something of height

Make sure you place at least one piece higher than the bottom edge of the graphics frame. This will help unify the underlying art and composition.

Decoration of-the-Lounge
Begin the stratification in accents

Add well-formed piece to break all these vertical and horizontal lines: for example, a wooden bowl made of corners and edges to enhance the organic heat for an obelisk giving a geometric twist, and a vase full of greenery for a little softness.

Decoration with lamps
Place one or two sculptural pieces on each shelf; This will help you see how the final arrangement takes shape.

Chandeliers and showcases candelabra
Complete the shelves

Now is the time to really play. In the empty spaces between the accents and on top of your books and boxes you group the smallest objects (pottery, small figures, a collection of shells, everything goes) in sets of two or three.

Sideboards and cabinets

There is no right or wrong way to complete this step, so just choose what suits you best. Whatever parts you choose, make sure you put some of them on top of each other so that the groupings feel light and natural.

Enlighten it

Whether it’s a sumptuous table lamp or a work lamp with swivel arm, every sideboard or display case could use a light source. At the end of the day, when you want to emphasize that beautiful composition that has just created the light is important.

Take a step back to contemplate and admire your work, and start thinking about the next place where you can apply your skills to decorate dressers and showcases.


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