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Shower tray – how to choose the best for a modern bathroom

modern white shower tray

When designing the bathroom, every detail counts, if you want a nice and safe bathroom. The shower is one of those details that always stays in the minds of many people.

Today we will refer to one of the components of these areas. The shower tray will be what we will address in this post. Let’s start with just the components and mention Materials of manufacture.

modern special shower tray

There are several options on the market that are made of different materials. Let’s start with acrylic, resins and ceramics. For those who love the natural effect of decoration, we recommend the natural stone shower tray. Regardless of the material, when the installation is performed, it should act as an insulator. In the shower trays, we not only avoid better aesthetics but also filtration.

functional shower tray concepts

All the water will have a precise channeling that will avoid problems in the future. Their use in the design of modern bathrooms brings several advantages. In a small bathroom they are always a good alternative to bathtubs. The investment difference is extremely high compared to other options like the bathtub. On the other hand, showers should always be considered as an interesting and effective way to save water.

Shower tray for modern and cozy environments

Shower tray wood slats concept

For children and the elderly, access to the bathroom is more effective and functional. With a shower tray, unlike a bathtub, it will always be easy to enter and leave. Especially when it comes to a small bathroom. In these cases, a bathtub would simply become a problem for the distribution of the entire bathroom. Its flexibility in terms of sizes and shapes is just as amazing.

modern marine shower tray

The truth is that you can always find the right shower tray for your bathroom. We recommend that you choose the dimensions according to the organization and design that you foresee for your bathroom. You will not have a big problem combining them with the design of the room and some furniture. When it comes to the bathroom, it is obvious that you have cleaning needs. However, it will be a little easier if you use a shower tray.

simple shower tray modern solutions

As it is logical, the most complicated moment will be the selection of this product. So we’ll give you some useful tips to make it effective. The great diversity that exists is mainly based on the shapes and dimensions of the shower trays. What exactly determines the size and the space of the room Bathroom The first thing to consider when choosing.

White, high shower tray above the floor

Shower tray warm wood candles

If the site is less than three and a half square meters in size, it must be round or square. The circular shapes are those that occupy a smaller space. If we use a shower tray with this shape, we can install a shower in a confined space. For bathrooms of medium dimensions will be equally useful. They allow to save more space and to devote them to other structures such as the bathroom.

colorful shapes elegates shower cup

In the same way a place is created to accommodate the toilet better. If the bathroom is larger than three square meters, there are other solutions. The best dishes in these cases are rectangular. Of course, the previous forms are also included in these cases, if we wish. When selecting the shower tray, there is another extremely important detail. It’s about the material or materials of its composition.

finishes luxury marble conditions

In practice, they can be divided into four types for shower trays. Starting with the ceramic, which are very beautiful. They are made of quartz sand in addition to clay and the feldspar itself. If we have a tight budget for renovating our bathroom, that’s a good solution. An interesting aspect is its resistance to chemical cleaning agents. They will not change their color or create the yellowish layer that we normally see.

Horizontal corner effect

At the time of installation you must be extra careful as they are very fragile and have a weight that is usually very high. Acrylic is another material that we can find and as its name suggests, its composition is based on an outer layer of this material. Inside, fiberglass is combined for a better finish and firmness. Other variants are based on polyurethane.

Glasses modern concepts showers

Other compounds are included to improve their strength especially at the edges. Many times, if this part is not reinforced, deformations can occur. If we compare it with the previous earthenware plate, the resistance is higher. Mainly against the blows. In the same way, the weight is much lower and it is easier to install.

special furniture glasses concepts

Resin models, which in turn contain marble, are another great solution for the shower tray. The combination of these materials makes them not very thick plates. For a minimalist space, they look perfect to be almost flat. They are installed practically at the same level of the floor. So the access to the shower area is immediate and easy.

Crystals contemporary special solutions

We also do not have to worry about the resistance. Especially when it comes to hits, they are very resistant. His actions are equally flexible. Arrived to be made according to our needs. We have the opportunity to choose the desired tonality in the same way. Standing mostly white and brown. The finishes are just as varied on them each has a slab with non-slip properties and superior strength and a better appearance.

modern special bathroom bridge steps

Wood effect really colorful

wonderful light marble finish

Minimalistically adapted corner edges

Contrasting plants beautiful bathroom furniture

unique modern bathroom

Complete solutions modern systems


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