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Shelves for modern and functional books for the interior

Wood furniture books interior

If we want to complete the decoration of the interior, we have several options to do so by taking advantage of the walls and their surface. There are different types of decorative elements that can help us in the task from the pictures to the work Furniture ,

In this article I will talk about the bookshelves and I will show you some pictures that I have specially selected for you with very modern and original designs.

Bookshelves, decoration and functionality

Metal shelves books salon

Furniture is a very important part of our interior, not just for its function, but also for the practical and decorative element that they bring to the home. Today we all face the problem of modern buildings with little space, which sometimes costs us a lot to organize and decorate.

Shelves for original books design

The simplest solution to this problem is the minimalist furniture under which different types of shelves can be found. These pieces of furniture give the house a clean and clean image, because they are forced by their dimensions to throw away the objects that they do not need. In this way they are left alone with the essential and are not surrounded by things that have no value.

Shelves for books-modern interior

The designers and interior design and decoration specialists have designed really interesting and original models that can be used. As you can see, the shapes have no limits and thanks to their compact volume can be perfectly integrated into your home.

Bookshelves in small interiors

minimalist furniture-modern books

As I mentioned before, minimalist furniture is ideal in rooms where space is limited, and in the special case of modern book furniture, you can opt for the floor or the walls. In both cases the models are original and innovative.

Furniture for aesthetics-books-interior

However, the traditional trend that continues in some families and people will cause some booksellers to choose from floor to ceiling. It’s about those big and big pieces of furniture that have always existed in the most conservative families. My advice, however, is that if your interior is smaller, you will not opt ​​for it because the space has left you very little room for the rest of your belongings.

modern furniture books interiors

On the other hand, if you want some furniture for aesthetics with a traditional touch and at the same time original, you can choose a floor furniture, but with fewer shelves. In fact, there are many shelves that combine different materials, but they need to remember that these materials will bring something new and give the environment a new lease of life.

Shelves for glass books indoors

modern furniture-elegant-books

In general, the glass gives the interior a very modern and elegant touch, even filling it with style. However, if they do not use the appropriate colors, they can have a cooling and distancing effect when someone comes to your home. You must consider this detail to use it properly and achieve the desired effect.

Books inner-office books

Because of this, this material is ideal for offices where the main idea of ​​people is to work. In addition, the glass in these interiors will give a more refined touch and fill the atmosphere with sincerity. You can combine it with other decorative elements of other materials such as wood or metal, but you must remember that these two materials are completely opposite.

Original shelves-books-interiors

This means that if you combine the crystal with the metal, the end result is greater distance and greater seriousness than you would have expected. On the other hand, the combination with the wood gives the interior more heat.

Shelves for wood books in interiors

Shelves for books-interior originals

Remember that wood is the most commonly used material for furniture production. One of the reasons is the one I mentioned above about the feeling it brings, and another is the freedom of shapes that can be created with your tables. With the metal we can also find interesting models, but the wood remains as the pioneer material in the elaboration of the furniture.

minimalist furniture books salons

The amount of shapes that we can find on the market allows us to choose the one that is best associated with the idea of ​​decorating our home. In this sense, wooden furniture in which straight lines predominate gives the environment a feeling of greater seriousness and even straightforward character. On the other hand, the rounded shapes will fill it with softness.

Wood furniture Modern Books

On the other hand, if you have chosen metal or wood shelving for the walls, you must always consider the weight they support and the weight you will put on them. For this it is important to choose the right material.

Types of shelves for books to decorate the interiors

Furniture for aesthetics-decorating interior

Within the different types of shelves we can make a further classification and division based on their characteristics concerning cabinets and drawers. There are some models of furniture for books that integrate these cabinets and also have some functions for books or other decorative objects.

Shelves for books-interior-small

However, this type of furniture is usually more solid, which is better suited for larger interiors. On the other hand, if they choose one for their home, they can opt for a smaller piece of furniture. The truth is that large indoor spaces always have a greater privilege when it comes to decorating and organizing them because we have more space.

Bookshelves interior-Modern

In addition, these large pieces of furniture have a part reserved for television and according to their modernity can have a door to keep them. In the pictures in this article you can see different ideas and examples of furniture that you can only imagine how they will be in your home.

modern shelves interiors books

Then I’ll leave you with more ideas for shelves for books where you can actually place any decorative object as the design of them allows it. I hope you enjoyed the article and was a great help in choosing the furniture and decorating your homes.

Shelves for books-original interior

Shelves for book-salons-modern

Bookshelves from floor to ceiling interiors


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