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Set up a great home theater – spend hours watching movies outdoors

home cinema set up in the outdoor area

Outdoor house cinema! That’s fine and wonderful!

The innovations have done that! We used to have an unclear idea of ​​how that would work. You can now make the house cinema in the outdoor area possible.

So you can organize a lot of outdoor events and enjoy them great!

Set up a great home theater

Home cinema set up next to the swimming pool

First, as always, you must determine the place where all the electrical appliances should be displayed. It is best to place them in a lower corner of the courtyard. In any case, there must be a healthy distance between the TV and the seats.

Determine the location for the electrical appliances

home cinema set up in the outer courtyard

A cinema theater can be both open and closed. As you may think, the difference is that in the first case you have no coverage and in the second – already one.

Weather-dependent TV

fireplace with tv

Of course you have to invest in a TV set that is resistant to bad weather conditions. But according to the growing needs, one has meanwhile many such great variants.

Design with a screen and a projector, garden – home theater

Home cinema set up in the garden

You also have cheaper options. These include a canvas and a projector. What you need to protect is above all the technology. The screen can also be under the open sky.

Create a screen yourself

the outdoor court in the home cinema conversion

Actually, you can also make a screen yourself. Above all, you need to set up the frame and unclutter a white canvas made from a certain fabric.

Under a cover is easier to install a TV

Home cinema set up in the courtyard

With the covered variants, everything is a bit easier. You can simply attach a standard TV. However, what you have to consider here is the protection against moisture.

Follow the main rules of design

home cinema in the outer court

Very often, such zones can be combined with other functional spaces: those in which there are fireplaces and dining rooms. Here one should follow the main rules of the design: One should separate the different functional areas very clearly from each other.

Attach the sound system correctly

Set up home cinema in the freeware

If you can not do it yourself, you should put aside someone who understands the sound. Because success depends on it. If you can not see or hear bad, then the whole thing is superfluous.

Create cozy house-theater atmosphere

Home cinema setup with sound system

Important is only: The home theater must also have atmosphere. Bar stools, chairs, relax zone should go well with this. Because this is how you combine the TV viewing with other, very pleasant activities.

Watch the favorite movies outdoors

home cinema with canvas outdoors

The bottom line is that cinema theater outdoors is a relatively complicated affair. But once everything is done, this will be well worth it. Because watching the favorite films outdoors can not be the same in terms of relaxation!

Insulated light and popcorn make for a pleasant movie night

comfortably in the free home cinema look

A great idea, right?

set up cool idea for home cinema

Run the movies right on the wall big screen for the home cinema

Home theater on the terrace

set home cinema on the terrace

A big screen to watch movies outdoors Home cinema set up outdoors

Garden cinema for the whole family and the neighbors home cinema for the whole family

Watching children’s movies on the big screen for hours

home cinema for the summer days

Everyone would like to watch films luxurious home cinema on the terrace

A cozy home theater atmosphere

home cinema in the yard for the children

Which movie would you like to see outdoors?

Home cinema in the garden

Sitting next to the fire

look at the fire movies next to it

Two places to watch movies great home cinema ideas

Great atmosphere for home theater

great home cinema set up


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