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Schwarz: How do I create a modern house?

Hello friends! Today, modern interiors have some tips about the black color for you. Black is a color that is always associated with bad, bad things, but that’s not true, right? Black can be used in your home to turn an ordinary room into a dramatic, mysterious, enigmatic, yet beautiful and stylish place.

This is a color that involves some planning. You can not just splash it on the wall and expect it to look good. If you do it right, you can use black in pretty much any room in your house: black bedroom, black living room and even a black kitchen.

Black paint is not the easiest job. If you are not careful with the paintwork, the walls will show some imperfections after a while. To avoid this, use dull black paint. Do not forget these top design tricks.

Most people just do not pay attention to the ceiling. If you want to attract attention, paint your black. That will make it look lower and slimmer. But think first. If you already have a low ceiling, do not do it. Choose another color, like red. Another tip for your top design tricks.

Paint a whole black room will not look very good, let’s face it, so try to combine it with some lighter colors and fill your black room with objects as a contrast with the dark tone of the walls. You will end up with a very dynamic space. If you prefer a classic style game with black and white. This will transform your home into a modern home.

Another aspect that you always have to keep in mind is the lighting. Make sure that the room is both natural and artificial, which can give your room a special effect.

Properly applied, black color transforms your space into an open, dramatic and stylish home. If you’re the kind of person who needs to try something new … move on. Buy the color and let us know the final result. I’m sure your house will be a trendy house with this item.



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