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Scandinavian design furniture – serenity, purity and function in one

Scandinavian design furniture black white flooring

Scandinavian decoration is serenity, purity, simplicity and function. This design comes from the 50s and enjoys increasing popularity in the 90s. Scandinavia is located in Northern Europe, where Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland are located.

This part of Europe not only offers magnificent nature and tourist attractions, but is also known for its inspiring interior design and home decoration. Here are some interior design tips and examples of how you could design your home in Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian design furniture

Scandinavian lifestyle window living room

  1. To dye

The main colors in the Scandinavian style of living are the neutral – such as beige, white and pale shades. Nowadays it is very topical and popular to use gray, black and yellow shades. The whole look is determined by the simple, Scandinavian design.

Use neutral colors

scandinavian colors lifestyle gray white

  1. Furniture

The Scandinavian furniture designs are simple, elegant and heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement. The wood is the essential furniture material here. From the bedroom to the kitchen are all pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, beds, wardrobes and chests of wood. This fact makes furniture look very functional and attractive.
The Scandinavian furniture comes without additional decorative items and accessories. The textures are garishly painted to reflect more light.

White painted flooring

scandinavian lifestyle wood plates

  1. lighting

Lighting design is a very important part of any Scandinavian interior design. The Scandinavians appreciate the sunlight and the fresh air in their own home very high. Therefore, keep the curtains and curtains to a minimum and put on the pale textile dyes. Floor lamps, table lamps and other light fixtures throughout the apartment are perfect here.

Remarkable hanging lamp in Moroccan style

scandinavian hanging lamp lifestyle pendant round silver

  1. Flooring

Choose a light colored floor covering to achieve the authentic Scandinavian look. Paint the floor white and add accents and patterns with stencils. For example, a striped carpet with floral pattern adds warmth to the room.

Glamorous motifs in the bedroom

Scandinavian lifestyle headboard seat cushion

  1. Home textiles

The Scandinavians use natural textiles and fabrics – mostly wool with natural motifs. The Gingan patterns in red and white or blue and white look perfect on the curtains.

Bright white as a color scheme

Scandinavian lifestyle ladder decorative

  1. Use nature and natural materials

Decorate your walls with framed landscape photos. These are beautiful from the otherworldly lava fields, Norwegian fjords, waterfalls or Iceland. Get some nice animal pictures, for example from majestic Finnish reindeer! Use a rustic wooden frame to complete the Scandinavian motif.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a must here

scandinavian lifestyle bench wood

  1. home accessories

Choose a few mirrors – they reflect the light and create a sparkling effect. Door wreaths or branches can be attached to the windows. The partitions and the windows, decorated with flowers, show elegance and refinement.

Wooden pallets add a lot to the rustic look

scandinavian lifestyle bedspread wooden pallets

Compact, foldable breakfast nook

scandinavian lifestyle office table

Open shelves in the kitchen

Design scandinavian lifestyle

Pantry with open shelves

Scandinavian lifestyle open shelving kitchen

Cozy living atmosphere and extensive living space

scandinavian lifestyle chandelier sofas Wall decal for the dog lovers scandinavian lifestyle nature textiles

Low hanging lightbulb Scandinavian lifestyle round coffee table

Soft light is provided by the bedside lamps

scandinavian lifestyle bedroom pendant lights

Seat cushions made of leather scandinavian lifestyle seat cushion leather

Shiny surfaces in silver

Scandinavian lifestyle sunlight

Old Euro pallets as a bed frame here

Scandinavian lifestyle city environment bedroom

Pale old rose on the wall

scandinavian lifestyle floor lamp

Nature wallpapers in the staircase

Scandinavian lifestyle staircase paintings

Some colorful accents spice up the ambience

scandinavian lifestyle warm ambience

Recreational corner in the living room

scandinavian plants lifestyle white facility

White painted treads

scandinavian flowerpot lifestyle white stairs

Dining and living areas in one

Scandinavian lifestyle home decor

Colorful throw pillows in contrast to the neutral color scheme

design scandinavian lifestyle living room

Collection of different pieces of seating furniture

Scandinavian furniture comfortable picture frame armchair

Bicycle as a wall decoration

scandinavian furniture bicycle wall decoration modern

Black and white striped carpet

Scandinavian furniture yellow sofa

Daylight illuminates the whole room

Scandinavian furniture wood gray sofas

Fresh green can be seen here in the textiles

Scandinavian penthouse furniture green

Black leather sofa and themed leather stools

scandinavian furniture bright daylight

Feminine charisma

Scandinavian furniture - rural style

Compact townhouse

Scandinavian furniture leather sofa

Typically Scandinavian furnishings

Scandinavian furniture modern lifestyle

Living area and dining area combined

Scandinavian furniture pure accents

Nature motifs and patterns make the room look more robust

Scandinavian furniture leather armchair wall decor

Padded bedstead and headboard look soft and mild out

Scandinavian furniture white bedroom

Bold, strict lines in a compact house library

Scandinavian design furniture zebra pattern

Sliding glass doors lead to the balcony on the roof

Scandinavian design furniture sliding doors

Wooden beams in contrast to the white decor

Scandinavian design furniture kitchen

Very modern and Scandinavian designed

Scandinavian design furniture

Bedroom with sloping roof

Scandinavian pitched bedroom design furniture

Solid wood

Scandinavian plates wood design furniture

Rural ambience in the kitchen

Scandinavian design furniture barstool Patio dining area

Scandinavian design furniture flower pot

Practical, functional kitchen design in the attic

Scandinavian design furniture roof windows

Skylights let more daylight through

Scandinavian natural light Design furniture roof windows

Compact dinette for small family

Design Scandinavian furniture dining room

Put on the natural materials and colors Design Scandinavian furniture gloss flooring wood

Artfully, even the kitchen can be furnished

Design furniture gray Scandinavian surfaces

Minimalist simplicity

Scandinavian sliding doors design furniture wooden beams

Several decorative items and everyday objects

Scandinavian wooden table light string light bulbs Design Furniture wood warm

Mosaic kitchen back wall Scandinavian L-shaped kitchen Design Furniture cooking island kitchen countertop Scandinavian design furniture kitchen plate Scandinavian design furniture ball lamps Scandinavian light bulbs design furniture lights chain Scandinavian design furniture round coffee table carpet wall mirror Scandinavian design furniture round Scandinavian design furniture floating stairs

L-shaped living landscape in black

cushion sofas Scandinavian design furniture textures flooring

City apartment in the Scandinavian style

Design furniture scandinavian table lamps

Wood textures are a must here

Scandinavian sturdy design furniture staircase

Turquoise nuances here and there

Scandinavian design furniture turquoise colors

Oversized wall mirror in the hallway

Scandinavian wooden boards shelves Design Furniture wall mirror

Sleeping area in the living room

Scandinavian design furniture white colors

Industrial strokes

Scandinavian design furniture flat

Beige shades

Scandinavian design furniture living room

Refined textures in white

Scandinavian wood wall panels Design Furniture wool wood


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