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Save money ideas to make your living room look more elegant

A very small number of people can afford to live in glossy Home & Style magazines. For the regular work package, the household budget is always stretched between rent or mortgage, schooling, food and vacation. The point is that often there is not enough room for expensive furniture and first-class interiors. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to make your living room look expensive and stylish.

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favourite colour

Let’s start with the most difficult decision that will influence the choice of the rest of the décor. Nevertheless, there are certain colors that are directly perceived as elegant and glamorous. If you opt for either bold or dramatic or soft and muted tones, your room elegance will instantly improve. Another great option is to paint the inside doors black because this color is always expensive and luxurious, while it is suitable for the wallet. Remember to include some black accessories in this case. Check out our previous post Black + white & Pink + orange Living room interior design

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A great way to update larger sofa cushions Image source of Focus point styling

Flooring ideas

Although all the benefits of carpeting are inflated to superficial limits, no one can dispute the elegance and charm of a solid polished hardwood floor. Parquet can scream like an investment, but it will take a long time and offers a nice ROI, especially if you are thinking of selling your home at one point. Laminate floors are a cheaper option and as such are suitable to create the new luxury look of your home, but make sure you get the best available.

Beautiful mayor sofa in the living room Image source of living style

furniture arrangement

For furniture, it is often the case that cheaper prices can cost more over time. They are poorly assembled with inferior materials and must be regularly restored and remounted. What you are looking for are elegant and quality pieces in second-hand stores, real estate sales and consignment stores where they can be found at an affordable price. If what you buy does not fit your interior, you can always repack it.

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Lighting tips

Unlike the ordinary, simple fixtures that the contractor has probably assembled in a whole host of homes, designer fixtures will enhance your living room elegance before you know it. To keep it within budget, crawl flea markets and second-hand stores. You can find unique pieces at a fair price. Remember, the custom look is what everyone is after these days.

Gray and gold living room Image source of Visi

Decorate with accessories

If you have ever wondered what distinguishes an average modern room from this fine line of elegance, I will tell you – the accessories. They are undoubtedly the cheapest way to upgrade a habitat. If you do not like gold, or want to avoid shooting a rap-star manger look, opt for an elegant silver mirror and picture frame. They would not believe what a bouquet of fresh flowers can do to accent a piece of furniture.

The sofa from the Jan Showers collection is complemented with Haven pillows Image source of D magazine


Another trick that you can use to make a room look more expensive than it really is is the use of decorative details, such as moldings. It makes the room more complete by deleting the line between the walls and the ceiling. These moldings are affordable and available in many shapes and sizes, yet they can be varnished to fit any color scheme.

Elegant living room interior design Image source of Front + home

Last but not least, it helps to remember that no trick or money-saving idea makes a room look expensive and elegant when overloaded with unnecessary things.

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