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Round Side Table – A stylish piece of small furniture

side table design white round carpet furniture

Round side table – Equip the living room with a round side table

Tables and chairs are the main pieces of furniture in every room, regardless of whether it’s supermodern or simply furnished. However, there are also additional furniture, which make the living feeling in a room more pleasant.

Just as a beautiful wall design ensures a delightful room look, the furniture is also responsible for an attractive room appearance. The focus of today’s article are the side tables.

Cool vintage side table

round side table luxurious design living room carpet fireplace

What is a living room without a side table? The practical storage space he creates makes the space more functional and flexible. His absence is felt right away, because Side tables are considered to have grown together with the couch or the sofa.

Side table with unusual texture

side table design round stylish white armchair

Decorate the side table with flowers

side table design round vintage living room decor

The side table can be used as a surface, where you bring various accessories or plants on display. The functional designs with drawers or shelves also contain several items.

Chic model that radiates elegance

side table design round chic functional design

On the table top you can exhibit accessories and in the lower part of the table you can keep the magazines

round side table functional elegant design

Side tables vary in design as do coffee tables and dining tables. The tabletop and the base of the side table come in a variety of designs, so you can find the right side table for each living room. Round table is a good solution for both modern interior design and classic. Vintage or modern, the round side tables are always useful additions to the interior.

Stylish side table

side table design round elegant living room fancy carpet

Living room with vintage look

round side table living room black armchair fireplace

The side table fits wonderfully to the leather sofa

Beisteltisch design round chic leather sofa living books

Functional model

round side table functional height regulate living room

A side table with round tabletop comes in a wide variety of designs. Although all are round, the table base changes the overall look of the piece of furniture. Whether the side table has a base or legs does play a role in how it actually happens. Some models are even very similar to a stool and can actually perform such a function.

Simple model in white

side table design round open shelves colored carpet

Give the living room a stately aura with a stylish side table

side table design round wood stylish living room

Use the side table as a functional addition to the interior design

round side table chic living room design sofa

Place round side tables on either side of the sofa

side table design round glass living room white furniture

Combine the round coffee table with a round side table

round side table coffee table chic living room corner sofa

Set up the modern interior with a round side table

side table design around modern living room design carpet

The round side tables are very typical of the Scandinavian design. Their round shape and the absence of corners contribute to a milder room appearance. At the same time it gives the living room a chic touch. Such tables make the interior look natural.

In a Scandinavian decorated living room, the round side table is just great

round side table retro style white flowerpot white sofa

Even rustic, these can occur. Tree stumps are perfect as an ordering table. With a round rustic side table you can easily give the interior a unique rustic look. Is that what you might aspire to?

Is not that a cool side table?

round side table tree stump rustic look

Unique side table makes the living room look attractive

side table design design round unusual base recreation corner

Side table in red brings liveliness to the living room

round side table red fresh carpet recessed lighting

Place plants on the round side table

round side table white fresh wall design living room decoration

You can use the side table as you like

round side table living room fresh sofa long curtains


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