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Round dining tables for your dining room – make the right decision

Dining tables with chairs around dining ideas

Round dining tables for your apartment? This is how you make the right decision

The dining table represents one of the items, in the selection special eight is announced. This applies to both the shape and the size. Lately, round dining tables are very popular. But be careful: fashionable does not mean that this is right for you.

Round dining tables – when are they right?

round dining tables with chairs eames chairs white

Do you know which are the most popular forms of tables? Let’s start with the square one. This form is suitable if you have opted for minimalist or very modern, even futuristic equipment. With its straight, clean lines, such a table exudes elegance and style.

The original Eames table; the Eames chairs are shown at the top and bottom

round dining tables with chairs

Round dining tables are also very popular. They are especially useful when you have limited space. You can bring more than 4 people together and take much less space. Stylishly, round dining tables match the Scandinavian and retro style.

Compromise shapes are approximately oval, square and asymmetrical.

Stylish dining area for 4 people

dining tables with chairs round dining tables eames chairs

The material

Both round dining tables and other models could be made from a variety of materials. In such cases, the shape actually makes no difference. For example, round dining tables can be more easily integrated into modern premises by design in glass. Because that’s how they look more modern. From a material like wood, they fall into the old-fashioned and retro patterns. If you want to insert round dining tables into industrially equipped rooms, then these could be made of metal.

Designer table in solid wood

round dining tables with chairs Round Bangle Hudson Furniture

Retro wooden table combined with white Eames Chairs – typically Scandinavian

Dining tables with chairs dining table around eames chairs

The size and shape

Actually, we already came to talk about it. Round dining tables are not carried out in any great measure. You save space. In larger spaces, however, they divide people far too much apart. They are also quite harmonious in otherwise square-dominated rooms.

The round dining table fits perfectly in the small dining area

Scandinavian furniture round dining tables dining tables with chairs

Examples of round dining tables

You can play a lot with the material and the size and achieve unbelievable results. We’ve put together some great examples to show you how designers handle all the possibilities offered by round dining tables.

Material, shape and color – these offer a lot of scope

round dining tables real wood dining tables with chairs dining room

Real wood, round, natural color

round dining tables, genuine wood furniture, dining tables with chairs

Swedish modern design

Here is a typical example that illustrates the effect of round tables in a Swedish design. One has a super current appearance here. At the same time, the style can be clearly defined by the white color and the wooden elements.

Glass and wood combine

round dining tables with chairs glass wood legs

We said that metal is above all industrial. But not here. Many round dining tables break this rule by glass covering and dainty table and chair legs.

Metal frame with glass pane

round dining tables wooden dining tables with chairs malt table glass pane

A black or white surface is super fashionable. If you add the round shape, you will reach a concept that corresponds to modern ideas of perfect harmony.

In black

round dining tables with chairs wood black

Or in white?

round dining tables with chairs ikea furniture

Children’s rooms can also benefit perfectly from the round design. The round shape together with the white color plays a very important role in teaching the little ones harmony and aesthetics. The bright and warm nuances warm the whole thing up in a great way.

Colored chairs

dining tables with chairs white dining table around dining area

In the last example of today we want to show you again how to save space with great round dining tables. In this particular case here you could make the otherwise gloomy corner a great functional area. Incredibly gentle the appearance within this industrial context, right?

In the niche

dining tables with chairs dining table round felled carpet

In the Scandinavian style of furnishing

round dining tables with chairs scandinavian furniture

Dining table with oval shape

dining tables with chairs dining table oval eames chairs

Marble dining table

Dining tables with chairs Dining table made of marble

White wooden table in shabby chic style

Dining tables with chairs dining table around blue chairs

On rolls

dining tables with chairs dining table round real wood

Retro-style dining area

dining tables with chairs dining table round retro design

In colonial style

Colonial furniture round dining tables dining tables with chairs

Set up minimalist and Scandinavian

round dining tables with chairs eames chairs designer chairs

Clean lines and simple design

round dining tables with chairs dining area

Subtle in white

Round dining tables with dining chairs

Country-style dining area in front of the fireplace

round dining tables with chimney tables

Round solid wood table as an accent

round dining tables with chairs solid wood furniture

Round glass table

round dining tables glass pane dining tables with chairs

Again a solid wood table surrounded by armchairs

round dining tables solid wood furniture dining tables with chairs

Modern dining room

round dining tables black dining tables with chairs


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