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Romantic bedrooms – how you can improve your love life through the room decor

Romantic bedroom sleek design in purple magnolia

Romantic bedroom

Your love life depends a lot on the equipment in your bedroom, did you know that? The decor could disturb our love experience, but also promote.

How do you make your bedroom hot?

First, we start with the bed.

You look for softness, but also hardness for the pillows and other fabrics. It would be good to avoid the memory foam mattresses because of the springs.

Gentle gray nuances and grassy green accents with padded headboard

romantic bedrooms very tasteful in gray nuances with upholstered headboard

Then furniture accessories. For families with children it is important to have a family friendly bedroom. This is achieved with neutral, warm colors. This could include animal carpet, animal pillow, a little bit of red, gray or blue.

The color tone. Among the recommendations are rich eggplant, mocha, dark cream and deep blue colors, but it is up to you to decide what you feel romantic. These are just the accent colors, which we also find comfortable for the bedroom interior!

Cream duvet cover, cuddly soft stool and dark wood

beautiful bedroom cuddly stool and lots of dark wood

The lighting. The lighting sets the mood, the best would be soft and fine recessed lights with light controllers. The rest remains for burning candle.

Romantic in the attic – dark red and white of Simone Alisa

romantic bedroom zebra motifs and dark red accents

Nostalgia Flair – Great Cinema with Gold Gloss from Atmosphere Interior Design Inc

beautiful bedroom big cinema gold gloss

The noises. You can bring relaxation or excitement to the room. It’s not just about music, but also about water systems. The upholstered walls help with noise isolation in both directions – from and to the other rooms. Do not forget to lock the door!

Fairytale with ornate ornaments made of wrought iron

romantic bedroom with great wrought iron ornaments

Crystal chandelier and bed bench in Baroque style

romantic bedroom beautiful chandelier baroque style

Coziness in autumn with natural colors and fireplace

romantic bedroom natural autumn lovers

Eggplant and white with light wood panels on the wall of Stotler Design Group

romantic bedroom retro cozy light wood

Spacious and bright with beautiful wall design by B Fein Interior Design

romantic bedroom spacious with beautiful wall painting

A heavenly feeling

romantic bedroom as in the sky light blue and white

Stylish pendant lamps in white and cream shading by Jarlath Mellett

romantic bedroom bright white and bright

Rustic romance – warm tones and wooden ceiling

romantic bedroom nice rustic ambience with fireplace


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