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Remodel? Be inspired by these 3 trendy bathroom layouts

Toilet, toilet, laundry, bathroom. Whatever you call it, this room in your house should be a place where you want to get there. If outdated closets, leaky faucets, too small rooms, or unsightly showers keep you from enjoying your bathroom, it might be time for a makeover. Whether you want to upgrade your existing space or start it from scratch, here are three trendy bathroom styles that you can be inspired by.

1. Powder chambers

beautiful Powder Rooms design ideas
Although small, you can make a big statement with a guest toilet. In particular, you are likely to be able to splurge on features and finishes such as exotic wood cabinetry or ornate tile, as these accessories are not as expensive as they were in a larger toilet. Often with a toilet, sink and mirror, powder chambers or anchored half bathroom They require little space – three to four feet wide and six to eight feet long for a comfortable seat – but offer a great return on investment.

Unused areas, including the space under a staircase or an unused spot from a garage, are ideal for powder rooms. In fact, it is best to create a half bathroom in an area of ​​your home that shares a wall with an existing bathroom; In this way your new washroom is close to existing sewage and water pipes.

Now, in some cases, you may need to move the plumbing that can drive up the price of refurbishment. But starting from scratch gives you more freedom to design the bathroom of your dreams without having to work with existing plumbing, drains, connections and ventilation.

2nd three-quarter bath

This bathroom layout is often designed as a guest bathroom or second bathroom option, but is certainly more complicated than a ladies’ room. Actually, this type of bathroom in general has a standing shower, toilet and sink. But his basic requirements do not have to be boring. Complement this functional space with a rain shower head and other affordable extras.

Other features, such as enlarged windows or an outstanding medicine cabinet, give character to the room. When designing this bathroom style, it is important to consider who will use this room. Will it be handled strongly? What is the purpose of this room? Will it provide basic functionality, or will it be more of a retreat?

With answers to these questions, you can plan to remodel your bathroom. Always remember that redesign the average cost of a bathroom
According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, in 2016 it was just over $ 11,000. Of course, as with any redesign, these costs are only averages and depend on the complexity of your entire project.

3. Spa-inspired

nice spa bathroom design ideas
More than just a shower, sink and toilet, a spa-inspired master bathroom should feel more like a retreat than a space with all the features of modern sanitary facilities. You can create a sanctuary-style bathroom in your own home by adding a deep soaking tub and a spacious shower.

Depending on the room you work with, it may also be possible to add two separate toilets to what is commonly referred to as the toilet room. These private spaces are well ventilated and hidden behind closed doors for ultimate privacy. If you would like this room to appear as if you were really spoiled, consider heated floors especially in colder climates.

Radiant heating can be installed at a reasonable price under the tile in your bathroom. In fact, underfloor heating is a luxurious addition that is not always endowed with a luxury price.

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