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Receiver cabinets and other functional forms of storage

Lockers practical special lights

Over time, it is normal that in many homes the storage requirements increase. It is a common need when it comes to small houses or large families. In terms of storage, we must use all areas of the house.

Hallway wardrobes in entrance walls

Wardrobe practical wardrobes

Today we will focus on one of them, it is about the recipients. The case of cabinet receivers and other forms of storage is always necessary. Every piece of furniture that we place in the entrances is part of the decoration of the house. It is common practice that lockers and other decoration options are somewhat ignored. Because it is a transit area and we focus more on the entire interior.

Receiver cabinets and other functional storage options

Receiver cabinets name under the color of Sardinia

The recipients are responsible for giving our guests the first impression. So we can mark the entire decoration line from here. It’s wardrobe style in this area is a good starting point. Cabinets or furniture should have a nice look for the hallway. A combination of functional and comfortable pieces. Combine everything Furniture Necessarily, the receiver must also transmit the greatest possible elegance.

Large selection of rooms with folding doors that adapt to the color of the walls

Corridor cabinets white walls taken in baskets

It’s not about cabinets and furniture in excess, but the simplicity to maintain our daily comfort. The multi-part cabinets can always be individually designed. Especially those who have open areas with shelves. A personal touch would not hurt at all. It is necessary that the entire storage is sufficient for our needs.

Other models of folding doors combined with wood and metal details

The wardrobes of the receivers have finished the metallic lenses

The cabinet or the furniture that is selected must cover them all. Prevent something that could become an obstacle in this area of ​​the passage of the house. The entire floor should look clear Shoes or any garment out of place. Just a few drawers are the perfect help for any clothing that does not get into the cloakrooms. Each of the cupboards and cabinets are the best way to disguise the clutter.

A functional model with several open areas and a bench in the middle of the furniture

Hallway cabinets large traditional fountains

At the same time you have everything you need in your hand and very well organized. In practice everything means more order and freshness inside. The dimensions of the furniture we select must have an exact relationship to the room. Avoid those that are too big if you do not have a very large receiver. A too big cabinet only loads this area. The best option is a balance between functional and relaxing.

Main entrance with interesting contrasts of the furniture walls and the door

dark wooden cabinets

The decoration is kept the same depending on the order. There are special furniture on the market for the recipients that can save us a headache. In addition to the cabinets or consoles, a chest of drawers can be of great use. Added to garments will have enough space for various decorative objects. Larger entrances can even be set up with seating arrangements such as armchairs or benches.

Baskets an efficient way to improve the storage of furniture

Receiver cabinets model open balls

Housing receivers and narrow areas have different conditions. For the best, you can use multiple shelves for each object. In the same way, some narrow furniture to place the shoes. On the other hand, if the entrance of the house has a staircase, it is necessary to make use of it. Usually these are areas of irregular shapes and sizes, but they can be useful. With some creativity drawers or shelves are installed.

Combination of work and wooden construction in minimalist light without handles

Hallway cabinets modern nice work

Other options in the narrow entrances include built-in wardrobes or popular removable modules. Without excluding the possibilities of the shelves or the typical ones Drawers. The larger the space under the stairs at the entrance, the greater the opportunities we will have. In essence, buying a cabinet for these purposes must take space in general into account. As an accessory, the furniture shoemakers will be easy if the wardrobe has no option for it.

Traditional variant, recessed on the wall with several sections for each type of clothing

Storage baskets doors colors boots

There is a wide variety of designs to suit every model and style. This will directly contribute to the decoration for greater harmony. Other necessary factors in the lockers and throughout the design are the hangers. In addition to the hanging spaces, which are most useful when you can not use the shelves. If there is a possibility, the shelves will be a great support. It is a very versatile element for many storage needs.

With less space and with all the features of the built-in furniture

Hallway cabinets furniture open white baskets

Traditional style light wood wardrobe with handles for the main entrances

clear concept doors open lists

Sliding doors that offer more comfort in this narrow and elongated space

Sliding special styles ideas

Various storage forms with drawers and open shelves on different levels

warm modern open design drawers

Special modern idea with minimalist appearance with floating furniture and door with mirror

impressive modern design drawer samples

Recessed and white color are the best options for a small and lighted room

inset baskets natural fabrics cushions

Minimalist forms without handles, painted and a central place to place accessories

Minimalism is missing furniture handles candelabra

Beautiful combination of wood and white paint in floors, walls and wardrobe

modern speciales wood white sla

Consisting of different sections that we can adapt to our needs

white wall special contrast flowers

The central area is perfect for attaching accessories such as mirrors, similar to those in the photo

Wall taken in style colors colorful

Modern model with elegant shapes in harmony with the whole gray decoration of the house

green gray lacquered sliding doors

Wood-based furniture that gives this room in the house a rustic accent

Receiver closets stairs contemporary materials

Traditional design that uses the shoe rack as a bench in the lower part of the entire piece of furniture

traditional room baskets Cabinet glasses

Vintage atmosphere that reuses these metal cabinets in green

Vintage idea green cabinets racket


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