Project Spielhaus II: Sweet decoration for our little man

Wooden playhouse with blue slide in the garden

Meanwhile, we are almost done with our new garden corner – the playhouse is on stilts, the terrace is also finished. Basically, only the lawn edge is missing, but it will surely start to spin soon. But since I do not want to keep you waiting any longer, there are finally pictures of the newly decorated house. With all the extras we have considered to make it exciting and inviting for our little man.

Stelzenhaus_Deko1 Let’s start with the interior: Still, I can hardly judge whether our son would be interested in a children’s kitchen. Because originally something in the playhouse should be pure. But first we decided on a practical shelf for all the outdoor toys and a small outdoor cushion. I simply sewed the pillowcase out of oilcloth residues and double edged the seam so that water and moisture do not penetrate so quickly. I put a normal pillow into it, which I wrapped in a blue sack – we’ll see if it’s actually weatherproof.

Stelzenhaus_Deko2 In addition to the slide, the small mailbox is a highlight for me. The grandmothers have already announced that they will soon be busy sending mail and I believe our postman would actually take the path through our garden to fill this mailbox. I’m looking forward to the children’s rays, when someone has written again! It is clear in any case that we will communicate with the tooth fairy or similar beings via the mailbox.

Stelzenhaus_Deko3 In order to simplify the climb up we have attached appropriate yellow handles. Because everything should not just look good, but be as safe as possible. Flowers, pinwheel, birdhouses and a fast made pennant chain (also made of oilcloth) decorate the playhouse and welcome the little guests in the future.

Stelzenhaus_Deko5 Stelzenhaus_Deko4 You also have a playhouse in the garden that could still be pimped up. How about these articles from OTTO?

Here are some nice products for your own playhouse:


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