Pampered: Freshness cure for Nina’s teen room

Modern youth room

Two days after I did that youth room renovated my son, was the small kingdom of my 16-year-old daughter’s turn. Nina was in America for just three weeks at the time and just knew “what her room would look like” later. I should let my creativity run wild, she had said. There was only ONE absolute no-go: “Mom, I do NOT want to scarf board in my room!” Why I do not understand until today. I LOVE these wood panels, which I like to paint and use as a decoration!

Teen room bed
Teenage room desk

The most important changes in Nina’s room at a glance:

  • The color concept “beige / purple / pink” had to give way to a neutral, white wall paint. Whereby I painted a small piece of black wall.
  • The desk top, previously pine colored, was painted black; The roll container, originally also in the pine look, got a fresh white missed.
  • The old, ugly Roman blinds in front of the window have made room for simple, white blinds. (This wish was high on Nina’s “What’s to change” list).

And once the shopping spree expires, you will not get away so quickly. So I bought a new ceiling lamp, although that was not absolutely necessary. But there are just too many beautiful online shops with too many nice things. Do not you think so ?! You just have to let off steam, if you can.

Black wall in the teenage room

Relocation: the big white mirror originally came from our bathroom. In addition, my parents’ black chest of drawers now serves well as a shoe cabinet in Nina’s realm.

Although in the teenager room, as in many rooms of our house, the (non-) colors of black and white dominate, the makeover is by no means cool or even sterile. The reason for this are the numerous, colorful accessories that show: Here lives a happy, young girl who enjoys her life. After I had shot the first photos of my project, I was overcome once more by the never-ending decolour.

For example, I like the idea of ​​using the ladder as a storage space for magazines that I have already shown you in connection with my bulky refuse finds. Unfortunately my daughter says: “You can not do anything with that”. Tssss … Fortunately, the ladder was the only thing that had to give way after the refurbishment of Nina’s room.

The overall conclusion of my daughter: “The room is great! Thank you Mama!”

And what is your opinion? Here are a few more room details from Nina’s room for you – just click through:


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