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Outdoor lighting – how to make the best possible use of the garden

Original lighting outdoor terrace terrace

The outdoor lighting For patios and gardens, one factor is always of great importance when designing a passivity.

LED lights currently provide endless possibilities for efficient outdoor lighting. Therefore, today we would like to introduce different types of fixtures for gardens and strategic areas where they can be placed.

Tips for outdoor lighting of terraces and gardens

indirect lighting patio steps

Before investing in landscape lighting, you should ask yourself what your intention is to want the lighting in your garden. You may want to create a soft and romantic atmosphere during the night hours, or perhaps you have a bench or a shaded corner garden that you need to light for safety. A path that leads through the garden may require landscape lighting to mark its boundaries. You can also highlight some features of your garden, such as a fountain or a pond.

Original floor tiles with Led lights

Floor tiles garden lights led

After defining your reasons for adding landscape lighting, draw your garden. Add in the sketch the existing lights, buildings, benches, trees and shrubs, as well as the vegetation and decorations in the garden. Each of these elements will reflect or absorb the light. Estimate the height of each object, especially the foliage.

Design of garden lighting

pretty light garden

A gentle environment can be achieved by hiding the landscape lighting under bushes. A path may require a series of short wild lights along its edge on one side or both sides. A water fountain can be improved with a projector, and a pond can have a subtle lighting around its perimeter.

Beautiful outdoor lighting for gardens

beautiful lighting Led garden

The landscape lighting that requires the most installation effort is the 120 volt lighting. The wiring for this type of garden lights should be buried at a depth of 18 inches or enclosed in the conduit to protect it from water. A licensed electrician must install the electrical components.

Outdoor lighting for gardens

beautiful design garden lights

Low voltage landscape lighting for the garden only requires an external power socket and a transformer. The transformer converts the 120 volts coming from the domestic line into 12 volts, which are usable to operate the lights.

Original outdoor garden lighting with pool

Beautiful Garden Pool Led Lights

The simplest outdoor lighting in the backyard is the Lighting of solar energy. This type of lighting has no ropes to hide. It must be placed so that the photovoltaic cell in the lighting device receives enough light during the day to light up at night.

How to light a terrace

beautiful garden with LED lights

You must set a budget before you buy it Lights. Remember that the most expensive are usually high-voltage landscape lighting, the price is about 100 euros.
Add the labor costs for the electrician who installs the wiring at the expense of the lighting for an additional fee.

Beautiful garden design with pool and LED lights

Beautiful Garden Pool Led Lights

The cheapest outdoor lighting is the low voltage, which costs about 30 euros per light. This type of lighting can be easily installed by yourself. However, the cheapest outdoor lighting is solar. Since solar lights depend on solar radiation and a built-in photovoltaic device, they require no installation costs or a lot of money for operation. The first price for solar lights is the only price that will be incurred. If you are lighting a dark part of your garden and the sunlight in the landscape is not enough during the day, you need to install a solar panel in a place with high solar radiation and route the wiring to your solar lights.

Ideas to illuminate garden paths

Path garden lights Led

If you want to highlight a single element in your garden, such as a statue, an ornament, or a fountain, consider using some landscape lights with lower intensity bulbs. Put these at different angles and distances. A single bright light that illuminates the object directly creates hard shadows.

LED lights for the illumination of external stairs

large garden lights

Landscape lights, which form soft points of light, are good for garden paths. Place the lights at equal intervals along the path you want to illuminate.

Original vintage style LED lanterns

Lanterns led vintage style

The landscape lighting describes a large and diverse family of outdoor lights. These versatile, weatherproof lights can be used to illuminate paths, flowerbeds, trees, fences, driveways, stone walls, doors and more.

Terrace with indirect lighting Led

indirect lighting led to bank garden

Some landscape lighting systems use 120 volt power in your home. For home improvement, however, we recommend low-voltage systems that only work with 12 volts. They are less expensive, easier to install, safer and use less energy.

The blue lights allow you to give a feeling of moonlight in your garden landscape

Outdoor lighting in different colors

There are dozens of low voltage lights and accessories in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and finishes. Almost all systems, regardless of their complexity, consist of four basic parts.

Guided lighting ideas for gardens

Luxurious garden LED lighting

Transformer: The power behind each low-voltage system is the transformer. Connected to a GFCI-protected outdoor power outlet, it reduces domestic power from 120 volts to 12 volts. Most transformers are equipped with a 24-hour timer that allows the user to decide when to turn the lights on and off automatically.

Great garden lighting

big garden lights pebble pool

The transformers are classified according to the maximum power. The models range from about 44 watts to 900 watts. To determine which transformer size you need, simply add the power of all luminaires in the system. For example, if you want to mount 10 18 watt lights, you need a transformer with a minimum power of 180.

Great designs of modern gardens with Led lights

Modern gardens design LED lights

Low voltage power cable: The cable used for the landscape lighting is specially designed for underground installation. It is executed by the transformer to every light in the system. The low voltage cable is usually 12, 14 and 16 gauge. The smaller the number, the thicker the cable and the greater its capacity.

Original garden with Led lights

Garden pool LED lights

The cable to be used depends to a large extent on the size of the transformer and the length of the required cable. For example, a 300 watt transformer can power 100 feet of 16 gauge wire or 150 feet of 14 gauge wire or 200 feet of 12 gauge wire. Feel the light manufacturer to determine the correct wire size for your cable , specific system.

Original solar lamps for gardens

Solar lamps for gardens

Street Lighting: Designed to be installed along walkways and streets, this type of installation is the most elegant of landscape lighting. Brilliant copper or metal coated appliances stand out, while lacquered accessories in green, black or brown blends harmoniously into the environment ,

Original solar lamps for gardens

LED lamps for gardens

Accent lighting: The unrecognized heroes of any landscape lighting are accent lights. These accessories, which are often invisible, include reflectors, spotlights, lights, and washing accessories. They are used to illuminate trees, shrubs, walls, flowerbeds, fences, ponds and other features of the landscape.

Original lights for modern gardens

illuminated modern garden stairs

Installing a typical low-voltage lighting system requires three important steps: placing the cable, installing the transformer, and connecting the lights. Cable Laying: Start by placing the lights on the floor where they will be installed. Next, unwind the low voltage electrical coil and place the cable next to the accessory. When you reach an obstacle, eg. For example a stone, a tree or a fence, put the cable under or around it.

Small integrated lights on the stairs

integrated lights benches stairs

Now use a square blade to cut a trench 2 to 3 inches deep along the line where you want to be the lighting fixtures. The ditch does not have to be perfectly straight, it does not even have to remove the dirt from the ditch. Just step on the shovel on the ground and pull the handle back and forth to open a deep T-shaped trench.

Large modern design garden lights

Garden lights modern design

Insert the cable into the trench and slide it all the way down with a short, narrow piece of plywood half a inch thick. Do not use the shovel or other tool as you could accidentally cut the cable.

Original design of garden lighting

LED lights led stones design

Transformer installation: The low voltage cable consists of two bonded insulated copper wires. You have to peel them until you have about 4 inches free on each wire. Next, use wire spacers to remove about 5/8 inch of insulation on each side. Slide the wires through the strap on the back of the transformer and insert one wire under the screw A and the other wire under the screw B. Tighten the screws to secure the wires.

Solar lights for garden plots

Lights led garden plots

Next, drive a 2 x 6 pole that has been treated with pressure on the floor next to an external power outlet. Connect the transformer with galvanized or stainless steel screws. Attach the cable to the pole with insulated cable clamps.

Original Led lights for the terrace

Led patio lights terrace

Connect the lights and attach a “plastic cover” while connected to the external power outlet. This type of cover protects the rain and snow but allows easy access.

Original pergola lighting

led pergola garden lights

Plug the power cord of the transformer into the socket. Next, connect each lamp to the cable. Most landscape lighting is supplied with prewired and easy-to-use quick connectors. Simply clamp the plug to the cable. The sharp points in the connectors pierce the cable and touch the cables. Since the transformer is already plugged in, the device must be switched on. If this is not the case, disconnect the plug and try again or check the light bulb.

Original patio lighting

Led terrace lights simple

Once you have connected the cable, lift the light and push your stake deep into the ground. Be careful not to cross the buried cable. Make sure the accessory is straight and move to the next light. When all accessories are installed, fill the narrow cable trench with soil and cover with grass seed.

LED lights for different garden areas

Led lights garden areas

We hope that with these tips the task of lighting, when the garden becomes clearer and easier, now we leave you with more pictures of examples of outdoor lighting for terraces and gardens, enjoy the tour.

Lights for garden paths

Round lights ground garden

Choose dim lights for the garden

dim lights hints led garden

Modern staircase with Led lights

Original lights staircase terrace

Original garden tiles with Led lights

original garden tiles LED lights

Cement columns with lights

Original columns cement lights Jardinj

Lights in the form of diamonds

original diamond shape lights

Original LED lights for garden soil

original integrated LED lights

Nice terrace with lights on the floor

Terrace Terrace lights floor

Outdoor lighting designs

Patio garden lights led

Mini-glazed style exterior lighting

Patio style Mininmalista LED lights

Large large pool with Led lights

Large pool LED lights

Pool with violet lights

Garden pool glows purple color

Original design of the modern terrace with Led lights

Modern terrace Led lights


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