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Original handcrafted furniture gives your interior personality

original furniture

Natural furnishings and original handmade furniture are in vogue for this fall and we have selected some amazing examples that can be seen in Field and Supply.

In general, it is a well-made selection of modern manufacturers covering a wide range of specialties, from textiles to original furniture and lighting to other items. These are some of the best pieces we have found.

Original handmade furniture

Original handmade furniture

The husband and wife team that runs the business, Daniel Oates and Dana Brandwein, works from his studio in Connecticut to create casual and comfortable pieces that are still luxurious. Oates, who mainly uses local sources of American hardwoods, created this stunning wardrobe and brand-name ceramics at the top.

Original designer furniture

Angled and austere, the Cantilever bench was inspired by the Bauhaus style and is a simple design that combines rationality and functionality. The replacement bench made of oxidized black walnut offers space in the underlying bench without compromising the integrity of the design. The piece is by Phaedo, a design company that creates “objects and spaces of purpose and purpose”.

Original furniture and design objects

The pieces of macrame and ceramic are immediately recognized as handmade pieces, and if they are even more combined. This lush hanging curtain by Michele Quan exudes textures and organic and earthly forms. Quan designs and creates objects for the home and business Garden inspired by his love of drawing, painting, text and color. She uses visual symbols of oriental iconography because she considers their meaning and beauty to be impressive.

Furniture and design objects

The legs of J.M. Szymanski in these auxiliary tables with hoods are almost as fascinating as the tops. The dark, industrial metal with a heavy base profile forms all four legs and gives the table an anchored feel. The chagrin on the surface has an exotic color pattern that repeats in squares. The work of the designers is influenced by years of training in Nepal and immersion in Spanish and Moroccan art and culture.

design objects

The tables “Moon Table” and “Harrow Occasional” by Samuel Moyer Furniture are organic pieces that give a room a natural touch. The Moon Table, which was sold quickly, is a modern and artistic addition to a room. Samuel Moyer manufactures custom-made furniture and objects made of sustainable materials and produces heirloom-quality furniture. Beauty comes from the relationship that craftsmen make with wood when making the pieces.

Designer lamps

A few Retro lamps are just as impressive today as they were decades ago. Luddite Antiques of Germantown, NY, buys and sells a variety of attractive antiques for various design eras that blend in perfectly with today’s interiors. The colors matt silver and intense orange are elegant and the modern form of the mid-century.

Original furniture made of natural wood

design table

An impressive wooden dining table by New York Heartwoods is an excellent example of sustainable practice. The motto of the wedding is to “bring new life to the fallen trees” and to create impressive pieces for home and the arts. The designs underline the beauty of the wood and are relics that families will use and appreciate.

wooden table

The natural stripes on the grain of the wood make this an extraordinary coffee table by Pacama. The Woodstock based studio was founded by Cedric Martin and focuses on furniture. The clean lines and pleasant proportions make the beauty of the wood shine, as in this coffee table, which creates natural falls and a vivid edge that highlights the piece. The intense gray color of wood is also fashionable.

Original wooden table

The work of Wyatt Speight Rhue regularly features remarkable wood furniture, characterized by the way in which the grain of the wood stands out.

Original wooden table with drawers

Inspired by masters such as George Nakashima, he uses traditional joinery and metalworking techniques to create tables and bowls that are family relics. Expertise transforms fallen trees into beautiful furniture and bowls like these.

Original glass table

At first glance, Phaedos Lexan table is like a puzzle, but it is really a study in angles and curves, which makes it a very interesting coffee table. Its unusual design is perfect for family rooms of many styles.

entry table

Sticks and Bricks is a study of furniture owned by women that “uses materials that are relics from another time and place.” These have been redesigned and designed to alter pieces that give the vintage character of the current interior design. All the works are original and no two are the same, thanks to the original nature of the wood, which is reused in the furniture.

Alma Credenza de Dzierlenga F + U

The Alma Credenza by Dzierlenga F + U is really a very special piece. Made of bleached chipwood and fitted with brass fittings and handles, it’s a nice addition to any room.

comfortable Alma Credenza de Dzierlenga F + U

The intriguing grain and the shading of the wood combine to form a family heirloom that you can not find in a furniture store. The wood comes from the valley of the Hudson River and some are ground on the premises of the study.

Hanging lamps

These translucent veined pendant luminaires emit a warm light that emits light through the structured porcelain. The Lowland studio lights made of hand-molded porcelain with transparent enamel are a study in light and shadow. The creator Kelly Storrs makes her brilliant light pieces in the Catskills on the banks of the Sawkill River. It is surprising how a single material without any color can have such a dimension and texture.

Bark cups

The rustic accessories are in every season, but especially in the fall a perfect complement to the decoration. Made of tree bark and leather cords by JWB Bows, these glasses are suitable as glass votive holders, pen holders, vases just to name a few.

Original furniture and handmade accessories

decorative vessels made of bark

The company is best known for its handmade bows and arrows, but also makes small home accessories.

big train

The handcrafted fabrics add dimension to the fabric like this Ottoman and Hart pillow. The black and white design is versatile and the patterns are very contemporary. Founder Jamie Israelow knits with undyed sheep’s wool from a rural New York fair. Very natural and determinedly elegant, the works are easily imported into today’s interiors.

Original designer furniture

Hanging planter

Taylor Ceramics simply takes the next level with pots and holes to keep nicks with the string of black waxed linen pieces. The two create a contrast through the lines that zigzag around the pot. The triangular pattern gives the usual hanging vessel an extra dimension.



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