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Original and modern bed headboard – ideas and designs that you will love


Imagine lying on your bed, looking up and seeing tropical fish swimming above you. Whether we realize it or not, a very simple piece that accompanies each bed, the headboard, can dramatically change the feel and taste of the room.

From styles like a series of books to the log cabin look, we’ve selected different types of bedheads that will make you think twice about how it’s configured now. You may want to make a change. Enjoy the gallery below!

romantic headboard

The excellent ideas for the headboard can completely change the look of your bedroom. If you do not believe us, check out these creative designs in the gallery below. As you probably know, headboards are available in a variety of sizes and fabrics on the market.

Upholstered headboard

You can buy a simple bed that already fits your bed or you can improvise and create a headboard that brings the level of originality in your room to the height of the sky.

carved headboard

Maybe I’ll just buy a new bed and now I’m thinking about decorating your entire room. Obviously, the bed will be the center of the room, as it is often the first thing you see on entering, but another important aspect of the bed is the headboard. With so many headers on the market today, most companies offer a customization package so you can participate in configuring your header for your custom design.

Tips for choosing the ideal headboard

Headboard made of wooden bed

Do not you have enough space for books? Keep them near your bed and have a well-informed bed. Or open the books and post them on the wall to access every famous quote. Mirrors, wallpaper, old wood panels, an aquarium and even skis: when it comes to designing your perfect headboard, there are no limits. If your sleeping partner is not so extravagant in the bedroom functions, you should probably have a conversation first. From traditional to modern, the following headboard ideas will surprise and inspire you.

Headboard made of recycled bed

If you have a tight budget, a recycled bed head is usually the coolest and most cost effective solution. Some ideas of recycled object headboards include, but are not limited to, a book wall, recycled wood slats, bamboo pipes, and old doors.

Original ideas for bed headboards Diy


To create a more elegant and modern Diy headboard, you should bleach the wood slats sand-colored and light so they do not feel rough, look dirty, or look too rustic. For an added design appeal, compensate for your headboard with an asymmetric effect.


Take the furniture and parts of the house and give them a new life as a headboard. If you have room, place a dresser, cabinet or desk in the room with enough room to open drawers on one side and the back of the case as a headspace. The best part is that you can put lamps or other items on the dresser so that they illuminate the room when you are reading in bed.

original headboards

Give your bedroom a soft touch of texture by hanging a rug on the wall as an alternative to the headboard. A standard 5 × 8 mat is wide enough to fit a 60 “wide mattress. A Dhurrie-style Indian rug is the easiest way to work because it’s light and thin.

Original ideas for bed headboards

Ideas for headboards

Find a wall panel or a single screen and hang it as a header. Tapestries with geometric design or room dividers create the most up-to-date impression. For extra contrast, remove the paper from the blunt backside of the screen and paint the screen frame in a color that will adhere to the decoration of your bedroom. There are many types of Cabeceros that you can create with fabric.

Original headboard designs upholstered with colorful fabrics

original headboards

To give your headboard a finished look simple and simple way: Cut out a thin wooden board, the size you want for your head, spray some cotton wool foam to fill in a grove and carefully wrap the fabric Front when stapling on the back. One of the contemporary ideas of headboards is the creation of a long headboard that frames not only your bed, but your bed as well Bedside table.

Super bed headboards

For most hotel rooms, the bed is the focus. That’s why a connecting plate is so important. Whether you have a normal headboard or a full wall function depends on the size of the rooms and the theme you want to create. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

simple headboards

You may want to integrate the wall space behind the bed into more than one feature and turn it into a built-in shelf like the one described above. This has a dual purpose and can help make the smaller rooms look bigger.

blue headboard

We like the idea of ​​placing a great piece of art as a headboard. This works well in a simpler and more neutral space, as it can bring color and personality. It also makes it easier to change the theme of the room in the future, as you only need to replace the headboard.

nice headboard

Oriental wood carvings are ideal and innovative headboards. The intricate carvings make them a very elegant addition to any room and can often be picked up on the antique markets by surprisingly little. We find this romantic and rustic headboard with a lace inspired design. The large circumference of this headboard makes it an eye-catcher in every bedroom. You can hang it on your bed with a few simple curtain rods.

Headboard made of wood

Above, we can look at a real masterpiece with pallets. The list of supplies for this headboard includes wooden pallets; a lever, a hammer and a skill saw; Sandpaper; diluted white color; polyurethane; Plywood; Search engine for studies; a 2 × 4; and a nail gun. Sometimes, all you need to find the perfect range for an amazing headboard. Clean and treat the pallet only so that no dirt or chips stick to it. The simplified design has excellent results, as the picture shows. An important tip when looking for your pallets: make sure you find a stamp on the pallet that means “HT”, ie heat treated and safely used for the head of your pallet. The pallets with the code “MB” mean that he was treated with methyl bromide, which is not certain.

Headboard made of recycled wood

Once the desired plate is formed, use a nail gun to secure the pieces of pallets to about 2 × 4 and a piece of plywood. When building the pallet head, grind everything, then cover the surface with a few layers of polyurethane, followed by a few layers of diluted paint.

carved wooden headboard

You can choose from a variety of carving patterns for a wood headboard for your bed. Yes! It is one of the most popular header ideas nowadays, because a wooden headboard is more reliable and looks elegant.


On the other hand, the carved wooden headboard fits all possible interior styles. Therefore, it is a kind of universal design that suits a variety of environment and interior.

including headboard

The most comfortable and practical upholstered headboards are upholstered and plush. We love the modern contemporary style of green velvet quilting that appears in this image. The mint tones make them fashionable this season and look great in this combination of earth and white tones.

Upholstered headboard

A square headboard with an elegant look is ideal for every bedroom. If you rush your bedroom makeover, you can buy a head design like this, or you can try it yourself, as mentioned earlier.

nice padded headboard

This colorful and useful design is great if you need to save some space, and it’s also a real point of discussion. Alternatively, alternative designs of simpler collapsible beds do not necessarily save so much space.

Headboard made of sheet metal

As you can see, the recycled materials that are suitable for a headboard can be of all types, though we always have to guarantee their safety, after all it is a piece that is very close to sleep; so that it should be comfortable too.


We hope you enjoyed these pictures and took note of our advice. We will come back soon with more interesting ideas, visit our website.

nice headboard design

beautiful headboard designs

nice white headboard design

Nice Diy headboard design

royal headboard design

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