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Open kitchens to the living room – ideas for design and decoration

open kitchens with fireplace

The kitchens open to the living room are not a novelty in interior design. The combination of two or more rooms in a room may be the only solution for those who can not stand small and claustrophobic rooms but at the same time do not have a very large house.

The combination of kitchens with living rooms has become the most popular option for connecting multiple functional areas in an open space.

Wood-American kitchen

More often, this method of extending the possibilities of the living space, when the kitchen is of a very modest size or if the living room does not meet the comfort requirements of the household members and their guests. Often, when connecting kitchens to adjoining rooms, the corridor or part of the corridor is also added.

Kitchen American Art
The result of this reform is a spacious and bright space that can be equipped with a high level of comfort, ergonomics and aesthetics. In most homes built during the new millennium, the design initially provides a combined space intended for the kitchen and the living room.

Kitchen with bar and living

But decorating a multifunctional room is no easy task. Not only because it is necessary to distribute all the functional segments correctly in order to choose the right furniture, but also to preserve the unity of the style in order to obtain a harmonious, elegant and attractive picture of the room.

Apartment with American kitchen

Advantages and disadvantages of kitchens, which are open to the living room

As with any other technique in design, the combination of the kitchen with the living room requires the presence of advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantages are:

Kitchen-dining room-living
In apartments with a very small kitchen, the connection with the adjoining room allows the organization of a dining area next to the work area, which not only simplifies the serving and changing of food, but also creates an organic image of all the space;

Kitchen with living-dining room

Traffic in the department is significantly reduced; The housewife can communicate with the family members who are in the recreation area while they cook or do other chores (she can supervise the children without interrupting their activities).

open kitchen to the living room
The smells and sounds coming from the kitchen work extend directly to the lounge area of ​​the living room. Part of the solution to these problems could be to invest in a high-performance, low-noise bonnet and the use of other low-noise devices.
modern eat-in kitchen
The cleaning of the kitchen work area should be done more frequently and more carefully due to the location in the lounge. If the housewife is a perfectionist, she would not leave an inappropriate object to the guests, which means more work and organization.

open kitchens

The distribution of space is very important

If you plan the location of the kitchen, the dining room and the living room properly, you can minimize almost all inconvenience. But it is obvious that in many aspects it will be necessary to spend more money: buying silent appliances, using materials that are resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations, kitchen cabinets made of high quality materials so that they can be cleaned easily and always to look good.

Open kitchen-to-living design

Location options for American kitchens

Regardless of the distribution of the three functional spaces: kitchen, dining room and living room, it is advisable to visually separate them. And that can happen in many different ways.

open American kitchens
The use of a kitchen island for a conditional layout in two parts is a popular design technique. The island does not completely separate the space, because it is accessible from all sides, but at the same time clearly delimits the kitchen space. In most cases, the kitchen island will be made in the same colors as the kitchen set, but the design of the part that faces the living room may be closer to the design of the relaxation area to soften the transition.

open kitchens with bar

An even greater effect can be achieved if a peninsula or a rod is used as a separating element. With a wall-mounted end, this element will clearly define the boundaries of the kitchen area. If possible, hanging lockers or open shelves can be placed on top of the peninsula (in the form of a small hovering trolley).

Living-kitchen-dining room

In this way, the kitchen segment immediately becomes a corner. In the case of a peninsula or bar, part of the living room will automatically become a dining area because behind the countertops these items can accommodate up to four people for a quick meal.

open kitchen ideas
Another excellent design approach is to use the kitchen peninsula as a connecting element between the two opposing zones. From the kitchen, the peninsula serves as a storage system for dishes or a module for embedding devices, a cutting board or an area for quick meals. And from the side of the living room, the peninsula can be equipped with open shelves for the storage of books. A small library at home in a compact module is a good idea, right?
open kitchen design
The screens, the frames, the partitions, the partial overlapping of two functional zones are more than obvious zoning variants. It is effective to use a small partition with a built-in chimney for this purpose. The house can be seen double-sided or only from the side of the living room. In any case, it will not only be an excellent zoning element, but also an effective part of the modern interior.
open kitchen design classic
A separating element between the kitchen and the living room can be the dining area. The dining table and chairs will mark the boundary between the two zones.
White-white kitchens
When one speaks of the division of an open space, the use of a linear or corner sofa as the element of division is the most common. The armchairs can also reinforce this function of the most characteristic furniture for a living room. And when a carpet is added to the lounge area, the demarcation between the two rooms becomes even clearer.
open kitchen modern design
If the multifunctional space is quite wide and has a high ceiling, the distribution by zones may also be through the different levels of flooring and / or false ceilings. Usually the kitchen area is on a low podium, slightly higher than the level of the living room.

Kitchen decoration

The boundaries of the functional segments are more than obvious in this case. A similar technique can be used in the design of the roof by dividing it into zones of different heights. Also in this case, the built-in lighting system can demarcate the largest room, which in most cases corresponds to the living room.

open kitchen ideas department
It follows logically from the conclusion that the lighting can also play the role of a separating element. Of course, in a spacious room with multiple functional segments, all areas should be well lit. However, different types of lighting in each of the zones can be used to highlight their distinction.
open kitchens - small rooms
In the previous paragraphs, we have listed only a few of the conditional subdivision options. But if we think well, we can invent many others with the elements of design and decoration: furniture, colors, styles, textures, etc. But let’s return to the essence of open spaces – unity.

Room-multifunctional open kitchens

The essence of open kitchens The design of open kitchens to the dining room and living room must be exactly that: open. The idea to guarantee privacy and artificial partitions such. As screens, curtains, shelves or complete panels to use often pretends.

open kitchen design ideas

The reason why we need space is that we want our house to be more spacious and spacious. It is likely that physical or conditional barriers will break the unity and sense of generosity.

open-modern kitchens

So try balancing the furniture and creating harmony. The key rule is to avoid large objects and bulky lockers that are used throughout the room. The use of two completely different pieces of furniture makes kitchens and living spaces look smaller and will only draw attention to one thing. For this reason, it is a key task for the project’s success to find a balance in the design and decoration of the kitchens that are open to the living room.

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