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Modern wooden wardrobes – what should we know before buying?

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As we all know well on the market today, there is a wide selection of designs and patterns of modern and traditional wardrobes. On the other hand, choose the most suitable wardrobe for your Bedroom or living room, you should think of more aspects than you have ever imagined. Here are some tips to help you find the right shape, style, and location for your choice Wardrobe .

Modern wardrobes ideas for every room in the house

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From all modern wardrobe options for optimal storage of your clothes. The independent modern wardrobes are versatile, giving your room a relaxed atmosphere, while the fitted wardrobes are more aerodynamic and make better use of uncomfortable spaces. So, what’s the best for you? Consult our best tips before buying a wardrobe for your bedroom.

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Choose the designs of modern wardrobes

First, look at the cabinet designs. On the market there are many designs of different styles, enough for everyone’s personal taste, which in turn makes the selection of furniture for the home difficult.

Wardrobe wood design Modern

When choosing the wardrobe, keep in mind that it fits the fashion of all bedroom furniture or the living room. The comfort of the closet is the top priority when you go to the store to choose a closet.

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The size

The beauty and luxury of a wardrobe are useless if it is not perfectly combined with the style and space capacity of your room. To make the perfect and tasteful choice, it is best that you calculate the size of the room, so if you are looking for one in the store, do not waste too much time to find the best option for you.

Cabinet Wood solid light-color original options

The size of the cabinet depends mainly on the intention of the benefit and the number of persons who will use it. Of course, if the wardrobe is to meet the needs of the whole family, it must be great. If you know this, you will need to choose the size of your wardrobe.

Cabinet Modern doors wood glass = Style

The quality

Although there are a number of materials that could be used for the manufacture of modern wardrobes, wood is primarily and traditionally the best material. Wood is basically available in two main types, natural and industrial wood.

Closet doors slide options Wood

Industrial wood is a material with which it is easily processed and initially processed. It also offers a wide color gamut that makes color selection easier. The industrial wood offers a youthful and modern style and also has an affordable price.

Cabinets-Modern-wood-and-white bedroom

Natural wood has a unique and safe style, like natural materials in general. In terms of natural wood, keep in mind that the price is high, but it is usually well paid as it is much more durable than industrial wood. However, to avoid errors in the product, you must pay attention to the housing.

Modern-wood-white-large wardrobes

A natural wood cabinet is ideal for storing clothing and shoes and other valuable items. It is also more resistant and contemporary, this material often gives the best products.

Cabinets contemporary wood color brown-dark

Modern wardrobes ideas for the choice of colors

Among all the furniture for the bedroom, the closet is one that has more meaning. For this reason, the selection of designs and colors is very important. To choose the right color for your wardrobe, keep in mind that you should go with the color scheme of the entire bedroom.

Wardrobes Modern-wood dining room Ideas

Choose mirror

You can also choose a wardrobe with mirrors. While the round or oval mirror is perfect for a small cabinet, the rectangular mirror is more suitable for large ones.

modern wardrobes-wood-design-meridiani

Above all, the bedroom furniture is very important, because everyone wants his bedroom is the dream place, so his furniture should be carefully selected. All things in the bedroom must be harmonious and harmonious, and provide comfort to those who use them.

modern wardrobes-wood-contemporary style

Think about what you need to save

Imagine how many drawers, shelves and clothes rails you need, and whether you need a combination of full hanging space (for longer items like dresses) and half-height rails (for blouses, shirts, skirts and jackets). Adjustable shelves are useful as your needs change over time.

Cabinets-Modern-wooden-style stock

Decide between built-in or independent cabinets


Benefits: If you are faced with a problematic area or an uncomfortable place or have special storage requirements, custom built in wardrobes can provide the perfect solution. The built-in wardrobes can be designed to accommodate uncomfortable angles, sloping ceilings and irregular walls.

Disadvantages: Often, the best built-in wardrobes are a much more expensive option and should be designed and placed by an expert

modern wardrobes-wood-style-original bedroom

Independent cabinets

Benefits: Independent cabinets offer greater versatility in terms of cost and design, and can take them with you when you move away from home.

Disadvantages: Lost space if there are not enough storage rails and drawers. There is also the fear of falling, so be sure to secure them with fixings on the wall, especially if you have children.

modern wardrobes-wood-room-child

There are many people who have an affinity for wood when it comes to interior design. Its reliability and availability have made it a popular choice, especially for cabinets.

Cabinets contemporary wood design ideas

The choice of wood can not go wrong. Oak and other classic surfaces that celebrate the richness of wood grains are the most reliable in the decoration industry. Spiral organic grains give the bedroom a dynamic twist and look great in monochrome environments.

modern wardrobes-wood-options-house-style

You should opt for a cherry wood finish if you want to make an elegant but bold statement. For this type of cabinet, the room must be large in size, so the finish of the wardrobe has a spectacular effect. Because the cherry red color is deep and strong, choose the colors that surround it so that they complement each other.

Cabinets contemporary wood-options-sla-Estar

Wardrobes-Modern-small floating wood

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