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Modern wardrobes for men – tips on how to put things in order

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Bringing more order into modern wardrobes for men

Good looks not only have something to do with what clothes you wear. It’s largely related to how they look. They must be well combined, suitable for each other. In addition, the garments may not look worn. All of this has to do with good organization.

That’s why you get some tips from us in this direction, especially for modern closets are meant.

Several hangers and shelves help you to achieve a better order

modern wardrobe men's wardrobe organize

Transparent sliding doors for the modern wardrobe

arrange modern wardrobe clothes accessory


First, critically review the way your wardrobe looks. This is not just the usual piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space. modern closets are very well thought out, so that they serve as “clothes organizer”. Second, you must remember that beautiful textures also need to breathe. This means that you must not forget to air the room.

Modern wardrobe with beautiful textures

modern wardrobes bedroom men

A compact wardrobe design

modern wardrobes men trim crass carpet

Depending on the model, you should find the appropriate order method.

Lots of space and fewer accessories or more the other way around? What would you prefer. Some modern closets are set up to offer a lot of space. There you can also create your own organizational system. If this is the better idea for you, then consider very well how you want to classify everything.

Wardrobe with mirror surfaces

modern wardrobes bedroom men fancy bed

Some people choose a monochrome look. This is especially true for cases with open wardrobes. They arrange the clothes according to color, shape and function. It’s also the better way for them to cope when they’re looking for something.

Arrange the clothes so that it is easier for you to choose a suitable clothing for the day

modern wardrobe order bring men's bedrooms

Do you tend to focus less on colors and more on functions? Then you need different organization order. They are usually found on the market and easy to integrate into the wardrobes. Next to the hangers are the drawers for socks, underwear, accessories and maybe also the boxes for the shoes.

Distribute everything in separate drawers and on individual shelves

modern wardrobes open wardrobe men

Ultimately, you can opt for another, third, very common alternative. Arrange your clothes for outfits. So they are ready to get dressed and you do not have to waste time thinking about what fits.

Arrange the clothes for outfits

modern wardrobe men outfit

Especially for the shoes

The shoes need special attention in the modern wardrobes. Often the mistake is made to neglect them. As a result, they quickly look like much used shoes.

Special shelves for the shoes

modern wardrobes bedroom men felled carpet

There are some tips and rules that would help you to avoid this.

If the shoes are too wet, do not just put this in the wardrobe. First let it dry in a well-ventilated area, then place it in your closet.

Shoe trees are another important topic. You should keep them in the wardrobe. In addition, it is important that you use them only one to two hours after the shoes have been put on. Then the shoes start to deform.

Boots should stand straight. This is a must, so they stay well for a long time. To get it, if necessary, also use boots stand.

Leather shoes, which are also an important part of the men’s wardrobe, require special care. They must be protected from dust. So they broke special boxes for the leather shoes.

Modern wardrobe, where everything has its place

modern wardrobes dressing room men white carpet sliding doors


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