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Modern stairs in a minimalist style – less is more

modern staircase

Very often the design of the stairs stands out, but for the wrong reasons. Many people are unaware of the importance they have for the interior design of their home. Therefore, they choose a generic staircase design that can not be connected to any part of the interior of their home.

We show you what a ladder can do for the interior design of your house with careful selection and design. Modern stairs not only connect the rooms of your house, but also the interior design of the different rooms.

Modern staircase in minimalist style

Modern staircase in minimalist style

Welcome to a new collection of interior design, where we present magnificent designs of modern staircases that will surprise you with their simplicity. You can consult them below and if you do that you will see that there are many different and creative designs that can fit in modern homes of different shapes and sizes. You will like them so you should consider them for the rest of the modern rooms, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, the home office, the nursery and the bar.

Simple modern staircase

It is no surprise that interior designers and architects become creative in designing modern staircases because they are an element that allows them to have a great deal of creative freedom as long as they fulfill their basic function. And how to design a footer or a menu that will be integrated into the overall design, just as interior designers or architects mix modern stairs into the design of the home.

Minimalist style stairs

The stairs will be a very important part of the interior design. Its main function as a connection between the ground floor and the upper floor, but the stair also serves as a complement to the beauty of the interior of your home when it is designed with the best quality. For the design of modern staircases, there are actually many sample images and concepts that you can refer to and then apply to the staircase of your home. But what if the minimalist design staircase is created with unique concepts and models? Of course, very high creative ideas are needed to create a staircase design. The easiest way is to ask a professional architect or designer for help. In this publication we show you modern and minimalist staircase designs by some of the most important architects in the world.

Minimalist staircase designs for every lifestyle

Minimalist staircase designs for every lifestyle

Minimalism is a major new trend in home design. Whether people are looking for a more open home or simply want to live a simpler lifestyle, the minimalist features of the design have found their way into most homes. The simplicity of the design lets the owners see stairs and white spaces. However, there are many minimalist designs that do not sacrifice comfort in your home. Spiral stairs are a great option for owners who want a minimalist staircase but do not want to lose the comforts of home.

minimalist stairs for every lifestyle

Many owners see a minimalist staircase design and assume that it is not safe and stable enough for everyday use. However, a spiral staircase offers the stability and space that a traditional staircase would have without the large, voluminous frame.

Minimalist stairs for every lifestyle

Minimalist stairs designs for every room

Some companies offer customizable ladders that can be designed to meet all your minimalist specifications. By nature, a spiral staircase has a more open frame than most stairs. Consulting designers can help you leverage this open framework and take it to the next level with various spindles and pitch covers.

minimalist stairs for every room

Notice how much visual space was gained with this design. The wooden staircase in the living room also has this effect, and perhaps more because the tapes are open. This is a super elegant staircase and its warm color helps to merge, but its shape keeps it fashionable.

minimalist stairs for every style

In today’s modern world, almost everything is in motion. Modern staircase designs are developing fast now. At present, there are many styles that reach the homes of many people. From Victorian stairs to modern and floating designs. Those who choose floating stairs are usually very elegant, elegant and minimalist. We have decided to show the most interesting designs of modern staircases that define the interior in which they are situated.

minimalist stairs for every interior

A floating metal staircase with a thin and simple railing made of the same material gives the decoration a touch of industrialism, especially where the walls also have a rough surface. The different shades of gray and the surfaces create a pleasant balance.

minimalist stairs for interiors

A minimalist decoration with white walls with a floating staircase that stands out for its fine and simple lines and dark color. The black pouf and the simple lamp complement the decoration beautifully and make it more dynamic.

modern stairs for interiors

Wooden stairs look more classic, but not in this case. This staircase also has a contrasting design that makes it unique and even more eye-catching. The effect is unusual and interesting.

Modern staircase versions for the interior

In this case, the floating ladder maintains a ventilated and open appearance. The working area of ​​the corner is not covered by the stairs and therefore the decoration remains transparent. The stairs are very thin and strong because they are made of steel.

modern staircase designs

This staircase becomes a kind of spiral staircase. Because the contrast is so strong, the focus is on form and design.

great modern staircase designs

This is a very unusual stair pattern. The shape and geometry are unique. Basically, there are two parts, each of which resembles a band with straight and well-defined lines. It is an abstract and striking design that becomes a strong center of decoration.

big modern staircase

When the staircases previously presented are connected to the wall, this fleet is actually held in place by fine ropes that provide stability while serving as a protective barrier or protective wall. Only part of the staircase shows this detail.

Original modern staircase

The walls here are completely white and there are no visible lines that allow them to stand out. Therefore, the floating staircase in the ceiling seems to disappear.

modern interior staircase

If the staircase is part of the decoration and design of the room, it is best to make it as transparent and easy as possible. A floating staircase with thin and simple lines would retain a spacious decor and integrate easily into the design.

minimalist interior staircase

In the case of these floating stairs there are some interesting aspects. First, the staircase contrasts with the white wall. But there is also the aspect that refers to panes of glass that are difficult to recognize at the beginning. The oblique lines are an interesting detail. The line of the wall that follows this floating staircase is delicate and beautiful. But the effect created by the thin white thread that holds the outside of the stairs is also very nice. The effect is almost magical.

minimalist staircase for the interior

The lighting can also play an important role in the design of a staircase. For example, these floating stairs are illuminated from below and the bright surface of the wall has projections of elements that appear on the parallel side of the room.

minimalist stairs for interiors

In this case, the royal staircase does not stand out, though it is very interesting. The floating wooden staircase, similar to the floor, is complemented by a simple but eye-catching handrail.

Stairs for interiors

There are all sorts of material combinations that you can explore. For example, this is a wooden and glass floating staircase. The staircase is made of wood and is connected to a glass wall. The transparent glass provides a ventilated appearance and protects at the same time.

Staircase designs for interiors

The minimalist style emphasizes beauty in simplicity and simple designs. The floating ladders allow an open floor plan without sacrificing the safety and comfort of a complete staircase. Minimalist staircase designs are the perfect solution for those looking for elegant access.

Interior staircase designs

Modern minimalist stairs can be found in a variety of locations. Urban lofts and industrial mezzanines are the perfect place to install a floating staircase that saves space. If your modern home needs a new centerpiece, a bespoke minimalist staircase fits perfectly in a large entrance.

great designs of interior stairs

The stairs are very difficult for architects trying to work in small spaces. Next to the staircase there is the question of the handrail, which is necessary for safety, and the protection that keeps children shorter than the handrail so that they do not fall off. In some countries, the rules are very strict so that children can not climb and throw themselves.

original interior stairs

The modern staircase is part of the interior of a house that should be cozy and original. It means that every modern staircase is created in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the client, absolutely original and exceptional. Before you think about some changes in the staircase of your home, it is better to plan the change of stairs in advance, taking into account all the factors that may be important. In this way you will get the maximum performance and at the end you will be satisfied with the result.

beautiful designs of interior stairs

The ideas for designing the interior staircase can be very different, depending on your needs. Some people want to save space in the house, so they will consider the stairs of the house as a useful storage for some extra things.

modern interior

Others may want their interior to look more casual so that they tend to leave all things underneath the bottom bands without hiding them or providing facilities such as doors to make their home look more natural.

modern interior design

Depending on what people can afford, some may consider a striking glass staircase. One of the biggest advantages of this option is that you will be able to explain all the dark corners of the house, although you should also keep in mind that it can be quite tiring to always keep this type of staircase perfect.

Modern interior design with stairs

If you want to save space, the spiral staircase is the right choice for you. Now such stairs can be designed and manufactured in all sorts of materials and colors. If you are hesitant to choose the right variant of the modern staircase, take a look at this staircase in our picture gallery. Different interior spaces require something to fit, so choosing the right staircase, you should also think about how the atmosphere in general will complement.

modern staircase

In order not to destroy the harmony of the interior, it is better to compare the size and maintain the correct size of each object including the staircase.

modern style floating stairs

Ergonomically efficient staircase styles can be the best option if you do not want to waste an inch of usable space. The square shelves under the stairs will certainly help you.

modern staircase

If you want to create a state-of-the-art stairwell, you can think of a floating staircase. This choice will help to create a very modern and functional interior that complements the simplicity of the minimalist design.

floating stairs

This guy really looks fascinating and elegant. Even from wood or other heavy material creates the illusion of a light veil or any other weightless material. Beginning with wide parts narrows when ascending.

modern design stairs

Sometimes it seems that such stairs are high enough, they would be reduced to a single point somewhere high in the sky.

Wooden staircase of modern design

White and wood create a perfect blend, unbelievable for its simplicity.

modern design to save space

industrial staircase

Minimalist style stairs

Original stairs in minimalist style

original modern minimalist staircase


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